6.0 Experimental is out!

Hey @everyone,

finally the experimental 6.0 is out after a lot of work (and still ongoing). Sneak in and please test it on the official experimental server which I just updated.

Thank you for testing and hopefully you like what you will see :wink:

We release HWS 6.0 news from now on from time to time till release (in few weeks).

Your HWS Team


Bugs so far: (will keep adding stuff here)

*Sometimes you spawn next to your pod and fall next to it instead of inside it.

*Sometimes if you fresh start you cant press F on the capsule.

*If you cb:reset you loose faction but a copy of your name remains in the old faction, and then when you re-apply there is 2 copies of your name in that faction.

*Keep re-spawning with the message "You are feeling cold and you start with 0 oxygen and die a few seconds later… rather anouying lol (fresh start fixes it, seems to only happen with spawn nearby and if you have previously died of oxygen loss)

*If your using your drone and it dies as you pickup your back-pack you get stuck with drone UI.

*Lost the ability to shift click items from inventory straight into quick slot.

*Setting a ship as faction doesn’t stick it stays on private.

*Furnace has no temples for some reason but for someone else it works.

Thrusters on CV’s not giving accurate thrust, p menu shows lots of 0’s and unbalanced left right, although there is the same ammount of thrusters on left and right and there is some for up and down aswell. If i remove all the thrusters it stays the same aswell. Seems like it just doesn’t update, even after removing and replacing core.

Patch is awsum, things are going to become a lot more interesting :smiley:

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Adding my feedback post placeholder too

Notable Moments:

  1. My first death to radiation sickness!
  • No random DCs (yet)


  1. T2 drill does not auto-pickup when you have not researched the skill yet, but have one in hand (Do:RE)
  • Going through green wall (on akua) appears to hang briefly and make a “beep” noise. Resumes 1 second later.
  • Raptors are acting as Prey in day (which i think may be intentional)

Crash Log:

  1. Walking in Akua, jumping/jetpacking, while sprinting during evening transition
  2. Standing at emergency constructor, not really doing much of anything.

Im so flipping Excited to chew into this… Will you be doing the three phased releases along with Eleon (Assume so). Here we go!!

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The temperature aspect is going to make defending bases really fun :smiley: people better bring tons of warm blankets and coffee to assault us :smiley:

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Lots of nice new features but I don’t see what I really want. Bug fixes (med bay spawning for example) or network improvements. Nor I do see balance changes. None of the critical features (full BP repair or salvaging). Empyrion is starting to remind me of Ark, keep pushing new things while leaving in critical bugs and balance issues for months (and possibly forever).

My principle issue with the update is the Graphic User Interface, I have never been a fan of the flat design, and this update doesn’t help.

Text is harder to read, the symbols lose functionality and if they are not active, should be invisible.
Your jump jet indicator is a side view of a man with a pack on. You watch a gradation animation deplete within this tinny man.
The time of day indicator and clock are found above the mini map, and are easy to miss.
There are nearly no bounding boxes for any data readout.

In short, they broke a perfectly good Graphic User Interface, just to mimic the trend apple, microsoft chose to go with their mobile devices. I dislike this trend, never have been a trend follower and firmly believe that this was a mistake.

The planets are always flat yes okay they have there mountain but you need some water falls and some drops into the flowing water. you need better treeain hader treain where you have to go by certain paths to cross some rivers ect.
As for the telepotation can see that being problamatic. if you place two on your cv and you faction has there cv’s on faction too you may teleport to there cv and not your intentional to cockpit from hanger bay. Its goign to be a giggle figering a way to do this as you can not set a destination on it. not sure if you can in sevival but in creative you cant.

the medbay bug? Well if we only could reproduce it… it is really a mess and already wasted hours of hours trying to reproduce it without success.

And regarding PvP / nw improvements I can only say: as long as we (HWS) are in the boat we will push it over and over again. For now we have the go for it for 7.0. 6.0 was really important regarding surviving.

Yeah the one and only topic: Design. Very subjective and both worlds have their pros and cons, really. Me as a part Designer know how you feel.
But without opinion in the end one thing will always win: the habbit. Sooner or later it will just become habbit. That is how the human brain works.

? Dunno what that means but… ook I guess.

That is just your imagination because in survival you can’t spawn teleporter blueprints anyways.
But regarding survival / POIs you can do everything now.
If someone wants to build a cool Portal Instance / POI let me know and I share my knowledge.

Tried a fresh start on Masperon without spawning bp/resources, apparently when you die you respawn with zero o2 in your backpack so you die again in like 5 seconds. My original plan was to mine some basic resources and just death walk but that got fudged. Seems like an oversight unless we are playing on a perma death server. :slight_smile:

Not starting with a few prom packs is pretty brutal as you can’t make o2 without any (even the hardest setting in SP gives you a few), have no resources to even make a basic base, couldn’t find any o2 bottles in the civilian POIs.

Yeah yeah I know it’s test but when HWS 6.0 wipe comes and everyone starts off with zero resources but a drill and 2 bio packs and has to walk across planet with no bike waiting 20 min for meteors when they only have 10 min of o2 is gonna turn into a whine fest. Ironically I managed to get 999 iron and combat steel from a POI which I thought was real funny, but can’t count on those as they will probably get looted in the 1st hour.

Might want to start thinking about how the actual survival mechanics are gonna work with so many ppl spawning in on starter. Do any of the origin planets even start without breathable atmo?

Booyaah, that has always been how fresh start goes. It’s not the same thing as actually starting over. Fresh start is supposed to be harder.

If you were to actually reset your character then you would get the full escape pod loot.

The having no oxygen is a bug with the new suits. It will hopefully be fixed soon.

lol I know the exp server is probably not balanced around not using do:re but it’s been so long since I started fresh, and with 6.0 no ocd start, I just wanted to see how hard it would be.

Also half the time I fresh start, I get ejected from the pod about 100m from the ground and start off with a broken leg and can’t even run or access the escape pod. I think the pod never gets assigned ownership to you or something and that is why you fall out.

Sad to hear this for sure :frowning:

I know many folks, and especially the larger factions that WANT to PVP, have pretty much stopped playing. Look at all those that have left or near non-existent on the server. Heck most i ever see is around 40-60 folks online when it was well over 100. Sure i understand its between seasons and it always dips towards the end… but this is compounded by issues already stated, …

*understand on the med bay thing so … hard to replicate i get it.

But the others… BP repair, salvage, base defenses (without spamming 20+ bases/HV’s), SV Sniping, graphical display issues, big one here loading mechanism for assets (gotta love watching play fields flash/pause as ever single item is loaded when in range), and of course PVP LAGGGGG in combat… those are critical for the PVP oriented folks. As it stands now, sure the improvements to SP and the survival aspect are great… but there are a few bones that could be tossed our way to help the MP PVP types that just are not here.

Oh well, sure a few will come back and check out the 6.0, myself included, but unless they hash out the PVP, we all will get bored again real fast. Only so many times you can fill an OCD to max… oh well, maybe 7.0… hum… i recall hearing in 4.0 they said “ok so 5.0 didnt bring PVP fixes, but its on the plate for 6.0”, maybe im wrong but seems they have promised making PVP worthwhile far to long IMHO. Here’s to hoping the survival aspect will keep me busy till 7 i guess :frowning:


regarding medbay: I noticed one thing - if your ship is not aligned in space and with gravity generator turned off(I mean you did not press O to turn the ship) it is really hard to heal - you need to position and rotate your body inside the medbay. I think it can be related to ship’s angle, so ship’s transformations(rotation, transition in case it is moving) were not applied to resulted point when your position to spawn is being calculated.

You won’t have this problem with 6.0 because standing in the medbay does nothing now. You have to actually press f to interact with it each time you need to heal.

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No more health bay AFK spamming :smiley:

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See a lot of vanil-update, and didnt see any PvP-improve changes… We got another useless patch comming?..

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Not true a lot of people could still write a macro to press f every few seconds. xD

We can detect afk guys now :yum:

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depends :stuck_out_tongue: if people can figure out how afk check is detected they can avoid it with macros as well :stuck_out_tongue: but cool none the less.

depends on if we detect the detection and write code to avoid the makros working… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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