666 threats grow up!

This link shows 666 spreading roumers about PKA on global chat while PKA were not on line.
This is uncalled for
1st he dosent know the players
2nd he is nver on line and so does not know how we play
3rd wheer the bleep is all this commign from
4th TO ALL People honest truth what do you guys think does pka shoot down new players?? ( only pirets!)

This guy has done this threat for the second time now and is creating so much drama and always when pka are off line and not able to defond themsleves so please people what ever you hear from his mouth its crap
he stated that he was in allianced with swp in oder to take pka out all because he was intimidated by the size of pka.

Drama is not against the rules. That being said, thank you for not posting this as get support :-p Your best option is to hire bounty hunters to ruin his day. works wonders for me

yea admin cant do anything about this i wanted to post it as i told him before
if has has a problem with pka to put it on forum but he was to scared to so im doign it. He called us pirets hiding behind gurdien
but all we do is help people and if you are our trusted allaince you will get to know us on discord
and see and hear how we fight and know this is not so.
he’s all talk but i dislike the way he’s trying to spread bad roumers about us
without knowing us
if you argee all i ask is if you are online and he starts running his mouth just ask him very nicly and politly as possible to just be quiet and to stop troling us in global plz tahnks

well a few points to throw out there as “that new guy whom was helped the other night”, and as ive stated a thousand times, i thank those that helped me get the Nomad off the ground.

as of now i may have GuA on my ships hull, but allow me to make the point abundantly clear:

I do not care if it gets me thrown out of a faction i am in, i will not, i repeat, will not partake in inner origin beef based off hearsay and conjecture.
there has to be proof presented to me, and as of now, ive been presented none either way other than that screenshot above, so do please consider my involvement in this beef to be absolutely ZERO unless i gain some sort of proof of there being a legit reason for it. even then, it will be presented and discussed before a shot is even fired or any action is taken from me. i do not, nor will not act on hearsay.

with that being said, if 666 wants to start drama, and present no one with evidence as to WHY, i will not have that reputation fall unto me, and i honestly dont care WHOS lent a helping hand, even though yes, 666 and BlackRose have been quite helpful to me since day one.

ill have nothing to do with nonsense of that type.
i see myself as a hired infantry grunt on this server, and nothing more.
if i have to have my own faction and set up shop somewhere 100,000m from the nearest planet and live off the AM, so be it.
but i will not ally with players whom wish to act childish.

now that that is out of the way, i will try to get to the bottom of this one way or another, or i will leave GuA if i cannot get a definitive answer.


666 hase been doign the rounds again saying bad things about pka in global chat!
i was not on at the time but i have been told that the community backed pka
SO I SAY AGAIN GuA Either keep 666 under control and stop this visiouse rumor spreading.
other wise we will be left with 2 options
1 we retaliate and not alliance with you
2 we let rex know of this and send 666 to prison for disturbing the peace in the community chat.
your choice to make GuA
we sort this out in game or it gets to go further!

well, i think it’s a verry personal thing goin on here,

I don’t know why he seems frustrated or talking big words…

i don t really feel like mingling with this issue,…it seems so childish,
but i see if i can clear some things out
maybe we do need another faction?..
The rest i know of gua, are cruisers/builders/helpers/pizza delivery boy’s…
All fun!

May the force be with you
and bless empyrion

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Yesterday by a few uranos did not break, the limit of nuclei was overpowered and I fear that a catastrophic fault approaches guardian, a malicious person could be causing it, or even this line of death opens a chance of revenge for someone with anger, would be Good the great factions get rid of structures not necessary and not essential, to keep the number of colors below the death line …