8.5 Feedback So Far

Here are my notes so far:

  1. Too many resources spread out across the universe, this is spreading out pvp. Almost every PvP system has a resource rich asteroid belt - that’ll make finding pvper harder.

  2. GG - one base per alliance. We need to have like a 5 or so cap on bases per alliance or there will be no real action on GG.

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Is too early to judge since a lot of people still need to leave starters/setup bases etc.

Dsl still draw at 1-1.2km

I have noticed too that the universe is too rich in resources and too much spreaded out.

But resources are not important since we are already plenty stored in ocd except gold… trade commodities are now for pvp

Special vendors / trading routes are setting up maybe will be real game changer :slight_smile:

I love the reduce bp time!

Repair pad still bugged :frowning:

We’ll see!

3 big issues for me so far:

1.) Base limits on PVP worlds prevent people from actually being present there. When there’s a reason to live in PVP it’s more likely you’ll find fights.

2.) Base limit on HW prevents factions from getting RP since it’s one alliance base. If the entire alliance gets RP from a base that’s fair, though I don’t believe that’s the case.

3.) Death takes away 1 RP every time. While I see why this is a thing, the game is alpha and you’re as or more likely to die from bugs as AI or PVP. For example, I have 6 deaths. 2 from AI on the starter, 4 from crashing while using supergates and freezing to death in space while trying to get to my ship. While the 1:10 RP/death ratio was a little weak, 1:1 is too high for the state of the game. I’d propose 1:5 to balance it

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A different viewpoint on this might be:

  1. Spread out resources lead to a much more laid back and less intense conflict. Means there’s less toxic chat, and less hurt feelings.
    I.E People who look for conflict will find it, and will enjoy it. People who want to be left alone are free to do so.
  2. One base per alliance on GG does mean that you can’t live there, but it also means a lot less lag, and a stronger focus on vehicle combat instead of lag teeth and abusive exploits to keep bases alive. If you really want to fix this, just make the base have offline protection. It’ll act like a bunker while your offline, but you’ll have to defend it while your online.

So far, I like the new, expanded universe.
I have noticed the terrain on at least the starter planet was buggy - the tiles were not flush and my motorcycle would stall out at the boundary.
Also, if you log out in your SV while on the way to a planet, should it use all the power while you are logged out?