A discussion on "Stealing" vs "Public" in PVE

According to RexXxuS, stealing in starter sector is perfectly legit if you steal something set as public, even for guardians !!! So don’t hold back anymore (I will not), and don’t complain if someone steal your things… it is your fault…
I will now steal everything I can since ‘this is public server’ … don’t care about what other might say . RexXxuS said, if you let something that can be taken by other player, then it is your own mistake event if you loose 50000 resources in the operation.

I just wanted to post this thread to warn other players. I did a beginner mistake with my first Capital Ship setting it as public instead of shared with my faction (first time building ship in multiplayer). It got stolen under my nose while i was coming back from planet to refill it (this might seems stupid but empyrion don’t have user friendly interface in my opinion).

for you to laught here is what i lost:
30000 iron ingots
16000 sathium ingots
8000 copper ingots
5000 cobalt ingots
5000 silicon ingots
8000 neodinium ingots
50 zascosium ingots
250 erestrum ingots

now you can laught …

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You forgot to link your duplicate post.
I don’t like to repeat myself about the term “stealing” if you put it to public etc. . You also didn’t said at the beginning

You started your help request with:

This is a huge difference as I already explained:

Nobody laughs but not even one thank you to the inventory package I gave you…


I agree with Rexxxus. Why would you set something on public like that. By definition if it is set to public it no longer belongs to you but to anyone.

I found a ship similarly set in EGS space the other day. Tis mine now.

The only thing technically public that is considered stealing is your backpack apon death, and there is a lot of ^#%@&'s stealing those, just remember if you steal stuff people will write your name down and hunt you later on in your game :smiley: enjoy COUGH faction “STU”

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I updated the subject of the post to something more appropriate and accurate.

To be clear “Stealing in PVE (starters)” is not “legit” and i’ll take your stuff and turn you guilty if i catch you.

Taking people’s public stuff in PVE is a jerk move, but not technically illegal under SOME circumstances (e.g. “oh hey look, a CV parked in orbit with nobody around nearby…”) . In others, it can be considered Grieving and met with similar measures as stealing a backpack (i.e. hijacking a SV public swap on starter).

In short - each case may be different and may require review; but in most cases of you setting your stuff public and walking away, you will be risking loss in any environment. Just be aware of your vessel’s public/private/faction settings and be prepared to protect your investments!

Be safe out there.

the thing is that this is my first time multiplayer … and the interface confused me … I saw ‘faction’ in menu and I was thinking it is to share with my faction only … empyrion interface is not very clear. They should say ‘Share with’ → nobody / all / [faction name]

This post was originally written to exorcise my anger… didn’t work completly :frowning:

since you changed the title, i will discuss a little …
In my opinion, The difference between stealing a backpack that will most likely contains nothing important and stealing a ship that can contains an entire faction’s resources should be balanced the other way. What is the most armful in starter zone ?

This is just not logical to not allow taking a simple backpack but allowing to take an entire ship in sectors that are meant to allow beginner to get a fresh start.
And you are not being logical when you say “Stealing in PVE (starters) is not legit” then saying “Taking people’s public stuff in PVE is a jerk move” because taking people’s stuff is stealing (‘technically’)
The act of stealing is the fact of taking something that does not belong to you without authorization… And my ship was mine, not the other player stuff, and I didn’t told him he could take it. So It is still stealing. You will argue that I set it ‘public’ but this is a beginner mistake not a will to give it away. And this is the most important. It was not my intention to do so. So I can say that the ship is indeed stolen. And if stealing is not allowed, this act should be prohibited.
(in starter zone)
I understand that in PvP area you might get hurt, but why allowing it in Starter zone ?

If a ship is set public, the back pack is public too (technically). Same rules should applies.

PS: in this post I was speaking about public things not other things if you read it well.

PPS: RexXxuS of course I am thankful to what you did for me… but I can’t be helped being angry because it will take an other week to build an other ship and I don’t know if I have the courage to do it again :frowning:

But…it wasn’t your ship anymore, you set it to public (which means free for the taking). People typically set things to public when they are leaving starter and don’t want to take it with or deconstruct.

You made a mistake, you weren’t robbed. The best advice would be to take it as a lesson learned and move on.

In the future, public means it no longer belongs to you and can be claimed by anyone (and everyone can see it on the map until it’s claimed). Private means only you can access without setting individual lock codes on every device. Faction means anyone in your faction can use it by default (have to set a faction up first, F4).

As soon as you set it to public it’s like you put up a giant homing beacon with a sign that says “FREE”.

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Hi Globot -

Happy to join in some discourse on theory of theft with you:

See the note at the bottom of this reply. If someone was TAKING something FROM you, it would be different. This is not that. This is someone taking something that you left for them, publically. Your intentions aside, that is what your actions allowed and the message that you conveyed with those actions (Setting it public and leaving it).

  • Note – You may not know this, but public vehicles pop on EVERYONE’s radar as a visible vessel – so its a beacon of sorts.

To point out the difference for you more clearly:

  • a backpack is an involuntary loss of inventory placed into a publically accessible container.
  • a public vessel filled with goods and wilfully set to public is a very bad decision or a very generous gesture.

It was set to public. That is authorization. Otherwise, he or she could not have taken it, such as if it was set to Private or a Faction.

we will not argue; We agree. It was a beginner mistake. But so is driving into a pirate run sector and losing your ship; or taking the trip to Black Hole and not realizing it wiped in 3 minutes. All come with a lesson and a price.

Taking an objective view, as noted by @krazzykid2006 above, you must understand that as a place that people leave on a daily basis, structures that are no longer wanted or cannot be carried away are left public for newbies frequently. It is perfectly reasonable to believe that someone getting into a PUBLIC vessel was thankful that he/she had gotten very lucky.

These are lessons all of us learn throughout our time on a “HARD” server. I am confident the lesson was effective in terms of noting the publicity of your vessels. I know it had been for me.

this is the same, I didn’t know the mechanism of the game on this point… so in this case, dying and loosing my ship is exactly the same involuntary mistake. You can’t say it was my intention to do so. If it was my intention I would not name my ship with my user name, I would name it ‘free gift’ or something like that.

so is death … you can’t say setting your ship as public is a beginner mistake but it is your fault for lossing stuff and then say that dying is different. If you die this is your mistake and it should be treated the same way so if someone pass by and take your stuff it shouldn’t be punished.

in this case nobody can be sew for doing something against rules since this is authorized on server (nothing in the game mechanic prevent it). Setting ship as public is not an authorization to take the ship away, it is a possibility. He can do it but it don’t mean that he as authorization to do so.
The ship was named with my name, why didn’t he ask for authorization before stealing it in my back.
What you say is that the game mechanic allow you to do something, then you have automatically authorization to do so.The you say we can’t take backpack of dead player but the player gave me authorization through game mechanic according to what you just said.
You must be logical with yourself.

in my case this was impossible to mistake such a think, a brand new ship with 20 turret, a lot of stuff in constructor (more than 20000 ingots) and ammunition under production can’t be mistaken for unwanted things. I don’t buy it.

yes the only thing I am angry against is myself for believing that I was safe in starter zone.
And now we will be at war between Guardians and this is not really what i wanted before entering a Guardians faction. just not cool.

euh… according to what RexXxuS show me on the admin interface, after being robbed the ship was still belonging to me. So technically it belong to me, I didn’t drop the ownership.

I know people will leave some stuff, but not a full ship with turrets, ammunition, fuel for warp, and 20000 ingots in constructors

and the thing is that before I was thinking that peace keeper wouldn’t fight are steal between each other.
But if he don’t give it back, my faction will have no other choice than be at war with the robber and he’s faction. Meaning fight between guardians

heh… As I said before: U rly tooooooooooooo kind for dat issues in PvE zones…

:slight_smile: we need kindness in this world. I said thank you in private message… But I am not always very clear in my writing, so to be clear:
Thank You RexXxuS for everything you did for me.

PS: my faction laughs a lot about me, so yes, people do laughs about it :disappointed_relieved:

No it showed you as the OLD owner, The new owner was still empty since it was still set to public at the time of the picture.

Notice how all the entries after those circles show no owner?
Look at the time stamps as well. You created it and 3 minutes later set it to public. It had no owner the whole time after that.

PS The starting tutorial in single player mode covers setting it to private to take ownership. You might want to play the tutorial if you haven’t done so yet. Go slow and read everything, and press F1 and re-read stuff along with the extra help topics.

You should always learn at least the basics in SP before jumping into MP. This holds true for most games with MP.

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oh I see…

yes you are right … I have already start building a new ship … (still acquiring ressources) …
But For sure I will not make the same mistake again :slight_smile:

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This sort of nonsense is the reason Rexxxus is getting burned out. You screwed up and paid the price. It has happened to most of us. Learn from it and move on. Stop wasting the admins’ time.


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