A few Noob questions

Hello all,

Rather than asking loads of annoying questions in-game I thought I’d ask them all here in one place…

  1. is there a way to build bases on origin planet under water or underground and are they likely to survive the PVP weekends?

  2. As a trader, how do I make Cr in the early game - what do people need from the marketplace that I can build?

  3. is it worth buying a penthouse / planet now with the new OCD rules and the third server?

  4. is it possible to create my own base, CV, SV and HV blueprints and import them into or create them within the library and if so, how?

  5. where are the safest places to mine the common and rarer minerals?

  6. can people attack, destroy and loot Auto Miners?

  7. Can AMs be deployed in asteroid belts in space as well as on planets?

  8. in PvP world’s do people generally kill on site un-prevoked and is there a level attack limit? As a Noob, can end game players kill me and take all my stuff?

9) Regarding deep space; I read on the forum that you should set up your space base around 30k away from the planet. When I flew that far out there was a persistent shaking of everything. It was around 15k in that it seemed to abate more manageable. Is this normal. How far out is a ‘safe’ deep space point for a small food and production base?

10) So I am perfectly clear before I buy a penthouse… Will this be on the EU server so it provides a safe haven for me to produce food, oxygen and manufacture etc? Or will it in fact be on a separate 3rd server, which will cost me too much fuel to be worth it I think this early on in the game for me…?

I’ll add more questions as they come to me!

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to respond to me.

See you in-game!

1- Bases on PVP typically don’t survive for long. Be prepared to lose it. Deep Space is your friend
2- There’s multiple ways really, resources are always wanted. In the early game too Epics, AMs, Armor boosts, Armor are SUPER valuable but they drop down in value a lot over the course of the game. A heavy armor sold for 250K early, now i see then under 50K.
3- Penthouse as far Rex mentioned will be on main server. I have a penthouse and I love it honestly. It’s a good safe haven where I can keep my home setting to and go back there when other bases / cvs get destroyed
4- YES! best part about empyrion. Just download BPs from workshop and modify them (Or create a ship / base from scratch) then hit ALT + O while looking at the ship and you can save the Blueprint. Once you do that, you can access it on all servers.
5- There’s no “safest place” in fact, the more rare a resources is and the more rich an area is will be more risky, pvp and pve wise. but you can find certain rotations on planets when they become PVE and you can go mine there safly
6- YES if planet is PVP of course
7- NO just planets
8- some people are assholess some are nice :slight_smile: try to make friends and ask to ally with them (you should at least try to ally with all players in your faction so you work together). There’s no attack limit as such. End game players can kill you and take your stuff of course, but that’s why starter planets exist. You have a week on starter (It wipes every Wednesday). Starter planets/orbits have all resources and the planet is PVE so it’s safe while you get started.
feel free to ask any more questions !
don’t forget to setup your virtual auto miners


What a fantastic and thorough reply to my questions Mario… Thank you very much indeed. I really appreciate the effort.

I’ve added another question #9 and #10 too

Happy to :slight_smile: I was a noob and appreciated the community’s help

9- you can go as deep as you want but yes you noticed correctly apparently there’s some bug now (not just on this server) where ships stored in deep space get damaged, especially if you have an sv docked in your cv. I’ve heard bad stories but for me so long as I’m not docking anything into anything it was fine

10- for this question you’ll have to ask @rex I’m not a 100% sure. He did say at one point penthouse will be on main, but things may change till wipe day. I would ask him. By the way even if it’s on a separate server, when you do the CSW command to get to the other server you can just take out all fuel and o2 and keep just a teeny bit, so it should be ok. I think it’s really still worth it for early players since you will always have a fallback and a place to go back to if things go bad

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The two Penthouse Planets and the reward planets (you need RP to be able to land there) will be on the main servers.
You have to reach them first but then you are safe there (only your / other penthouse owners steam ID can enter).


Ok cool thanks Rex, I purchased a penthouse for he next season just now. Where is the south planet and how do you get there from EGS?

When creating a blueprint is it possible to do it in a single player game and import that? It means I’m not using up fuel and O2 in deep space on the server… Or do I have to do it on the HWS server? When you say ‘download from the workshop’ do you mean physically build it by paying in the resources etc!?

At the main game screen you can select New Game. From there you can set up a creative mode and construct with unlimited resources. Use the H key to access all the building materials.
Once you have a completed structure, look at it and press right Alt-O to save it. You can then spawn it in game (HWS) from the F2 factory window, after you add the required materials of course.

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Important if you park in deep space, delete your clone- / medistation from all your base ships. There was / is (?) a bug that allow the wrong people to respwarn in your base/ship!
The Russians faction use this often and raid your stuff while you sleep while there is no offline protection on this server.

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@RexXxuS would you be willing to let me have my penthouse for the last 3 days of this season and next?

I’d like to work out how to find it and get all my gear into the EU OCD…



it is already set and ready.
Make sure to activate private structures visibility in your registry and then you have to fly to the planet.

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Thanks Rex, really appreciated!

Can someone please give me directions to the south penthouse planet from EGS?

i dont recommend to go too far in deep space,far you go, more bugs and odd will happen, you could lose parts of your ships or entire ship, reasonable distances is ok. havent had any problem 20k away at least, docked or not

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Can someone please tell me how to find the Penthouse planet in the south? I am in Trader Origin now and don’t have enough warp fuel to be running around searching for it!


trader origin -> Guardian origin -> Hunter origin -> Homeworld -> penthouses south

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