A Little Misunderstanding on Neptune, EU

Hi, this night ~3.am (french time), me, Kam7r from [FST] “Frogswarm Faction” ( Trader ) and DeeExpus from [ACM] “ACME Traders” ( Trader ), were witnesses of a huge cheat… the Story ->

  • a little earlier than 3am, DeeExpus contacted me to move 2 CV who were parked at his faction base ( we are on Neptune and our 2 factions are allied ), i finished mining a iron meteorite and went back to my base to move the CVs ( i was in a HV ), then, nearly our 2 bases (~400m) a whole bunch of HV with arty turrets and rockets were set, they had no tags, no weird name, nothing… i think 2 of them tried to shot me but missed when i was going back, then they only focused DeeExpus ( ACM ), not me… i tried to kill those HVs, i got 3 or 4 of them ( i think there were like 12-15 of them ), then they went totally GODMODE, they were Indestructible…
    DeeExpus have made a vid of me trying to kill them with a SV with plasma canons, pulse lazers, and Rails… did nothing…
    Since they were not shooting me i went by foot to try to take the cores out, but i did 0 damages too, more, when i zoomed with my rifle, i saw that the name was GREEN, like the HVs were mines !
    But i could not acces them, i got the message “Wrong Faction or no core present”.
    Tried multiple shoots with all type of guns directly on core… 0 damages, tried multitool… nothing…
    Then the only solution i came with, was to completly bury them with the drill coz they only focused on ACM faction, who are allies.
    I opened the console and tiped DI , as i was recommended on global chat.
    I made multiple of screenshots of the “encounter” for you admins to look at, coz as of now, we don’t know WHO ? HOW ? and When ? those HV bunkers poped so near our 2 bases.

here are the SS :


DeeExpus have made a video of me trying to damage those HVs when i came back to give him a ride, hope he’ll saw this post to add more details.

if you need more things like my logs or something just ask :slight_smile:

Haha this was kinda me,

Thought I’d finally get your attention to ally me before I’d build a base on neptune.

Tho it wasn’t a cheat, it was parked behind mountains so it wasn’t directly attacking your base nor vice versa. Just if you left your base in the wrong direction you’d have a surprise coming.

I just don’t understand why you were not able to damage them since your base screwed a few before I’d finally get a few down in the right spots.

Speculation, haven’t logged on today
*EDIT ow fck me, I think you finally accepted the alliance right before you encountered them". I asked around and checked if setting to “private” bypasses alliance, at least that seemed the opinion of everyone else.
Think that’s the reason you couldn’t damage them. So this information was faulty and private doesn’t bypass alliance?

So where was my alliance request then?

Been sending you one daily, also asking you in chat, but been ignored so far.
Finally got your attention it seems, but something strange happened and the things went godmode?
I can only speculate as to why that happened, probably some bugs.
So, sorry for having to go through the trouble of drilling them into the ground, this wasn’t exactly expected.

Now that I have your attention tho, would you finally accept the alliance from STT?
No real cheats happened, just bugs. Was meant as a way to get your attention and no real damage has been done.
I named the things “Cupid” for godsake

Im on constantly and have not seen one request from you. I respond always in chat, again seen nothing. Thats not to say you havent sent or requested, but I havent seen whatever youve sent. Ive literally just lost a 4th SV to these fucking turrets so, yeah, come and get rid of them and Ill accept though to be fair, your actions are hardly extending the beautiful hand of friendship.

… and as for no damage done, apart from loosing 4 SV’s, a rake of Ammo and a lump of RP from dying 3 x trying to destroy the turrets that cant be destroyed, yeah. No Damage Done.

Vid as requested Kam7r - https://youtu.be/5w4wkHzKatM

To be honest, the more I think about this the more annoying it is. If you wanted to “get our attention” why didnt you set your little collective to faction, how were we supposed to know it was your little message of love? As it happens, the first SV loss was me trying to get close enough to see what non allied faction were parking their tanks on our lawn. You probably havent broken any rules, and its PVP and thats all fair enough but for me its all kinda griefy.

Well yeah it was a risk, knew it wasn’t gonna give positive feelings but the soft way didn’t work so I figured hmmm no response from these guys huh… maybe they’r the kind that like some action.

Initially I thought you’d get a surprise but would be able to easily 1 shot them with a HV. The extensive loss of vehicles happened cause of some bug that I didn’t foresee rendering them indestructible. Because of this you feel very differently about an alliance, which is most understandable.

As for faction/private setting, while naming them cupid I didn’t change the owner settings. I tried to do that afterwards but my SV got rekked by unknown projectiles so I left in a hurry. Circumstances didn’t allow me to take my time.]
This is why I asked around if “private” setting would be a problem for other allied factions.

I’ll be online tonight, when I get the alliance accepted It will be safe for me to return and destroy them (simply to prevent the admins from having to do any work). As a gesture of goodwill, I’ll reimburse your losses in ores. Wether you cancel the alliance or not afterwards is entirely up to you.

I edited your post a little bit to aid in proper identification.
A few things to remember:
Alliances are important, and requests should only be sent when the other party is on. Otherwise the request WILL be lost, and you WILL think the other person is dodging you.
Ships set to private is always bad. Particularly for Alliances. Allied turrets auto aim at private ships, and shoot, but do no damage. As mentioned before, it also does no good because the other person cannot tell what faction they need to ally with.
If you know there are turrets shooting at you when you get close, maybe dont go over there until you get it resolved? I see this all the time “You owe me 5 sv’s and 2 HV’s because your turrets blew them up”. Lets be real here. only the first ship was their fault. After that, it was you trying to be a tough guy and destroying the turrets, and then getting wrecked. Every time you fail to attack a stationary defense you could have gone around, and die/lose a ship, that is on you.

Next time, try dropping a single unarmed sv/hv with a title of “Please Ally with XXX”. Works wonders, and even if it gets cored, it can still send a clear and safe message.


Yeah that would have been an easy and simple solution.
On the days my parkinsons flairs up logic seems to escape me xD
Wouldn’t be the first time.

@Both, great posts, thanks for the replies.

To be fair, it was an odd state of affairs, I accept what you stay McProuty with ref to the additional deaths, but in all honesty they’d all of a sudden stopped shooting at Kam7r so I thought we’d finished them off. I peeped my ship over the lip of the crater and got a good one right in the Nuts, while my Ally scratched his head. The third was me trying to salvage me ship lol.

Anyhow, Im an adult and this is a game, sometimes buggy, sometimes filled with a bit of trial and error. I think some lessons have been learned all round and I harbour no grudges. Give me a shout when you’re on Sky, we’ll sort alliance and ill take pleasure in relieving you of your offered compensation. Happy Days.

Cheers both (and Kam7r for the Science Experiments involved)


ok, i get the misunderstanding…
but really, STT, you should have named them with your tag on them, we would have understood way earlier…
FrogSwarm is already allied with your faction, so we are not the type of ppl who broke alliances like they’re nothing, so we’ll stay as allied.
I let the ACM take their decision

This issue’s been resolved thread can be locked.

As stated earlier, didn’t get the time to do so I got blown up.
I shouldn’t have added guns in the first place like @mcprouty said.
I wasn’t exactly thinking straight that night,