A long journey it has been so far

I have to say this has been my home for some time and very much enjoy what HWS has to offer. Like all great empires though I feel we are soon reaching critical mass in lots of areas. We all love the outside game features to bring items from one season to another but I feel we have all become too complacent with these wonderful gifts from the gods. I feel we should one day have to do a complete wipe of everything down to the foundation and start anew. There will be major kickback I understand but this does need serious thought.

As most of us, in the beginning I was blown away by the way HWS features enhanced my gaming experience here. This game was not high on my fun list until I found this home. I have taken major advantage of these superhuman abilities as must as possible. Over the seasons past I have seen many come and go. Some return, some never show face again. Mostly it is due to boredom of doing the same list of chores every time they log in.

One of the inherent flaws in many software applications is the amount of leftover and worthless data that is being indexed and cataloged even though it is no longer relevant. This is usually the reason for server wipes to clear out all the garbage code and start fresh. Think of a house of cards. Sometimes the house needs to be leveled, the deck reshuffled, and the house rebuilt. Here at HWS, we have been shuffling the same cards for a long time now and some are starting to show wear and tear. It may be time to get a new deck.

I propose a complete revamp/restructure of all HWS features. This includes upgrade costs as well as the content of their abilities. Doing this would mean all players would be essentially starting from scratch in all areas of HWS. I honestly feel this would revitalize the stale boredom of what seems to be daily chores more than anything. Yes we will lose some players if this happens but I feel we ALL need to get out of our comfort zones and start to enjoy the game again.

“It’s only after you’ve lost everything that your free to do anything…”



I don’t agree. This topic has been brought up before but:

You have to consider. Many people used a lot of money, and a lot of time on HWS.
Sure you can just earn it back, but not everyone have time to play 4+ hours a day. Some only have 30 minutes daily.

And you might think that if everything is reset you can experience all the fun you’ve previously had again, but I don’t think that’s happening either. With tons of experience it’s just not very easy to be a newbie. People all gonna earn ALL this stuff they’d lose back in no time.

If you’re interested though, there is another option which only affects you.


Agreed but here is the huge misconception that most of our gracious patreons have. These are “donations” meant to keep the server alive. These are in no way a “purchase of goods or services” and should not be treated like this in any manor. I’m sure earthly tariff laws would have to agree with this. In the end this suggestion is very valid and needs major thought before we become something that was not meant to be. I am well aware of the option for an individual to reset but that is not what I am referring to at all. This is across the board for all players to revamp and revitalize the server itself. Not for selfish gains in any way.

You misunderstood me here I think. I’m not saying that it isn’t donations.
Think of it like this:
Last season I went from EB level 3 to level 8. Then I bought a Keep EB package as well so I wouldn’t lose that.
If HWS were to reset, I’d first of all lose the EB 8 I have spent my time on getting, but it would also have been a complete waste of money to buy the Keep EB in the first place.

But still. You only commented on one of my points.
Veterans on HWS would still earn all this stuff back within a season.
This would just make the veterans annoyed that they had to start over, and it’d create further distance between newbies and veterans.

Veterans will have less issues starting over yes. And I have mainly taken us into consideration. We are in fact the best ones to go through this to offer feedback on what needs to be adjusted. Having a handful of players reset only gives a small perspective on the process. We have slowly been evolving the external systems for a long time and those that were grandfathered in from previous season should be the ones to step up to the plate and go through the journey of starting over to see what they have missed by repeating the same game each season. This is essentially a new game from when we all have originally started. We are all due to experience what has changed so we can guide new players much easier and coexist. Eventually this will HAVE to be done one day. This is alpha testing after all. The basis of a survival game is to learn what it is like to start over so you can get back up on your feet quicker next time. This is a survival game according to the name.

I do to some point agree. Except, usaly takes me twice the time to get ocd lvls… (no lvl allowed) and can only gather gold if i ask nicely :smirk:

But yes, would do it, just for the thrill.

But, with a but.
Maybe when eleon goes a new lvl? Bit more stable? Maybe when Beta is out?

I do understand this will not happen overnight. We would all have to prepare for this major change. But it is inevitable and we need to realize that.

Main reason for the revamp suggestion. We as veterans have no idea how rough it is for a small group to get to OCD5 let alone any of the other EGS levels. This will require a group effort to ensure it is done right. We need to drop all preconceptions of who is out to gain the upper hand and work as a team on this.

In my opinion this is a topic that should be shelved until Empyrion is out of early access and the game is complete.

With the game being in alpha for over 4 years I feel that day will never come while we have our currently players interested in the game. This will have to be done one day and potentially regularly. We should get used to it now so it is less painful at a later time. Discussions should never be shelved and stuffed under the rug just because we do not agree with them :frowning:

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That is a fact…

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The way I see it, once the game is out of early access then things will be more stable (obviously).
At that point in time we can start to consider a “permanent” server that doesn’t have resets every 3 months like now.
Perhaps it resets once a year at that point (or even not at all).
Then we can start to consider how to balance the features out completely and give them their final tweaks to match the more stable game.

Maybe the things like OCD reset once a year at that point. Maybe they never reset.
The final form of these features can’t 100% take place until the game is finished, because things are still going to change a lot and therefore the features of HWS are going to continue to evolve.

Talking about wiping all the HWS features and starting fresh just seems more natural of a topic for once the game is finished and “starting fresh” essentially.

So sure, we can have discussions now, but they serve no real point since we still don’t know all the changes to come down the line to the base game.
Wiping things like OCD right now won’t balance anything and will only serve to piss a lot of people off and drive them away. It will by far and large do WAY more harm than good right now.

Keep in mind this is all just my opinion on the matter. Same as you have your opinion.


“That’s a long wait for a train that don’t come” - Mal Reynolds

This has been a rebuttal for some time now. Once the game is complete we should have the process mastered by that time. Would be best to hammer out all the kinks now than wait until final release to stumble and bumble. We need to see ourselves as what we are now. Alpha game testers. This is not a “finished” game as we all know so we should not have the mindset of “I earned all this stuff and need to be able to keep it.” until the game is a final release. Think of what a disaster it would be if there was an emergency situation shortly after final release because we didn’t test our features properly. Without proper testing, we will never know. This is meant for the good of the server. Yes it will individually suck but we need face the reality that all could vanish in the blink of an eye at any moment. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

As a current newbie I can say that reaching OCD upgrades is a massive time investment. You will never get there unless you want to spend real money to upgrade and or keep bank levels and money from season to season, or you have 4-6 hours to play a day. I have bank 5 on NA and EU and will still be hardpressed to get OCD 7 within 3 months because I don’t have the connections to mine gold. Of course I could spend hours upon hours scouring the outer rim of the new galaxies for a gold asteroid here and there but who wants to travel to 20 systems and fly over 25km per system to find 3 gold asteroids. Maybe im so new I dont understand any other way of doing it. The way it looks to me is that you spend tons of time or you spend money or you get to join a large pvp faction to be able to upgrade things and be competition in PVP. I think you could at least agree that a revamping of the OCD system may benefit new players. Why not allow people with OCD 5 to deposit into their OCD once an hour for easier gold mining. Alot of the other people I started with we are all in a faction and currently traveling to the farthest reaches of space trying to find zacosium and erestrum. Of course its a survival game its going to be a time sink but does it really need to be that hardcore if you don’t conform to PVP? Blocking off the new star fragments so PVE players cant get them even if they find them themselves? Turning off traders because some people were overusing the system and now PVE has to do serious grind to make any substantial amount of money? I think theres alot of issues here that have already made a few of my group members leave.


sadly selfishness and greed have run rampant throughout the seasons causing several rules and restrictions to put in place which in turn cause rebellious fence dancing. i have had my fill if the 1up games and taking an extended hiatus from Empyrion. one day i may return in hopes that things will be better but with so many adult children, nothing is ever certain. it’s been… an adventure.

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Dude :pensive::pensive:

Sorry old friend

Bob out…

Very sad to hear @Bob
I feared this patch would reveal sacrifices and to be honest I can’t blame anyone for leaving.
I failed too of course to update and polish things but it’s a chain reaction.
Because all the issues time was just missing for me - everyone have those exceptions though.
No time to rest though, I try a final push for the next season and whatever can be safed for this season due Eleon issues and then we shall see.

Hope to see you back soon - you are an incredible helpful Community member!


While i agree with the total wipe sentiment, i also agree with Dr. Dark, specifically because we’ve spent all these hours and time having fun aswell as not so fun when grinding/mining resources.

i love that i can stop playing empyrion for some time [last was 8month absence] , log in on a new seasons wipe and all my hard work is still there.

sure greed has taken over, thats the nature of most things, if everything was free and handed to you, you dont have any appreciation for what went into all of that…

for example the countless players who joined, got handed everything and then felt bored already because they didnt have to do anything but log in… left the game within 2 weeks… nevermind that though.

main point i focused on with this post was redoing everything, i like the idea, but i do not want to redo anything till the game is well out of alpha stage. when the game is ‘complete’ i may consider wanting to start full refresh…

Also @RexXxuS please do not blame yourself… really we know the problem lies mainly with the game devs themselves, you’ve even said you’re starting to feel like a game dev for them… its just an unfortunate and sadly common occurrence with Eleon and their updates, i remember the cpu/weight and volume update alone lost me alot of good friends i made, they simply just felt uncared for by the folks who made the game they love.
you’ve done all you can rex, if not moreso, spending many hours aswell to sort these issues.
do not feel guilty/you are at blame friend everything is well.

TL;DR I’ve played this game for fun, and as a job at times, spending 10+hrs a week playing while going to school, work, living life etc… id hate to log in and everything is gone.
It’s obviously just my take but i feel it should be noted here. peace to all and this game has always been in my heart, even when i had bashed/currently bash it so much <3


If HWS resets all my HWS feature progress, I’ll just leave.

Simple. As. That.

And you’ll find that a lot of the playerbase would do the same. You’d kill HWS overnight with such a move. Rex is pretty stuck in that regard. Better to balance what we have now and start pruning exploititive OCDs.

I can’t imagine playing empyrion without HWS, so it’d be a move to another game too.

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true statement of dedication right there. one day this will HAVE to be done. i guess we shall discover who actually cares about this community on that day…

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