A mortals thoughts about a big galaxy

  1. Birthday PVP Map Changes:
  • Change the spawn location area to be secure from alien/zirex, players need a space to market buy weapons and ammo.

  • remove the personal cargo container from the main map

  • change teleporter destination to a transitory location PVE

  • add the pers cargo cont

  • one exit teleporter back to ECC.
    That way players are not risking the birthday gift but yet can still give the pvp’ers player kills, and their backpacks

  1. Add cb:sethome functions to the structure commander
    (if said structure has a medic/clone station)

  2. Add a Market system comparable to the OCD system.
    - Level 1 is free, Starts with only access to HWS ECC Marketplace
    Else a 20% Fee
    - Level 3 adds access to HWS RACOMS
    - Level 5 add access to PVP EGS with no charge
    Else a 15% Fee
    - Levels 6-10 could allow higher quantities with less penalty(Percent Fees lowered)

  3. Remove the RP System as it relates to market purchases.

    • Penalize with credits instead. The newer players overvalue the RP, and the expierenced players don’t value the RP.
    • At the very least just charge 1 RP per purchase. Maybe have a diminishing return each market level adds +1 or 5 RP per purchase for each market level. Afterall, being able to purchase at farther away locations isn’t cheap.
  4. Increase RP cost to use gates. New players should avoid gates at all costs to keep from getting camped due to their lack of experience. They haven’t been informed that its not just a convenience but that they can keep their shield on for the travel.

  5. Please extremely lower the RP cost for the basic ammo(Or use the RP/purchase instead of quantity). This will give greater value to ammo prices on the market and allow players to equip themselves for fights better.

  6. Change some pvp planet playfields to build elite. This will allow players to care about what they build to protect or get RP(much higher reward) as well as work together.
    - Require a Landclaim on planet before allowing that faction to have land destruction/mine deposits/place autominers. If their base is taken, public their autominers.
    Just imagine how many products on the market will gain value!
    Of course this would have an effect on HV as they would have to be built instead of spawned in. But think of the value it gives to SV as they could fly down to planet!

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  • event ideas are similar to mine, so I agree for the most part

  • Don’t raise rp cost of gates! I highly value rp, and need every last bit. I liked when there was no rp cost.

  • if your buying ammo on the fly don’t use the market. That is what the npc traders are for. Many of us put up specific, sv, cv, hv load outs ready to use, not much rp.

  • a pvp specific playfield would be cool.

    1. Indestructible terrain.
    2. Flat as possible
    3. Elite builder would be fun.
    4. Very large deposits for autominers
    5. Large rp bonus for bases lasting 48 hrs
    6. No trees no grass, no anything, less lag.
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your buying ammo on the fly don’t use the market. That is what the npc traders are for. Many of us put up specific, sv, cv, hv load outs ready to use, not much rp.

In the birthday event, on respawn, there are no npc traders to buy a weapon and ammo. No time to use the market as the alien npc are ripping you up soon as you respawn.

As a side note, I am or was a PvE’er. I would love to find more POI to go run even tho I saw Protoz as a bit disenchanting. Sadly, I won’t go do POI in PvP space. PvE’ers are treated as cannon fodder for PvP’ers more than they treated as the majority. My guess is that PvP’ers are the kings of this galaxy and as such have a higher value which I’d imagine lowers the value of the PvE POI.