A new game MODE! PVEE exciting battles Once again!

A new game MODE!! PVEE exciting battles Once again!

Only on this special planet this mode would be enabled.
On this mode, any player, would have the ability to create and manipulate,
monster spawners!
This ability, would obviously, to an extent allow you to control monster hoards
and spark some battles, how fun!! Brining some exciting new battle experiences,
back to EMP!!

A little back-story!
The other day a friend, and I were on a special planet, A poi was destroyed, almost all blocks,
then a base core set there, and an encapsulating structure built around it.
The game was reset, and within the structure now existed, a real POI, yet it
was all controllable by him! Sadly, the monster spawner would not work, and the guns would not
attack another player. But we thought, just like LOL, it really ensues a battle,
when the minions go in first, and start fighting the other player.

With PVP, obviously, you can just kill the player/base/ship, but this is a little different,
In PVEE, you can kind of trap another player, there is a way to kill his ship/base,
but its a little more difficult than simply tapping fire, etc. This makes it a little funner,
anways, like chess, where you have to think a little more, how to kill the other guy.

Rewards are high, on this planet!
If you can survive!
So an example: you get 1 million credits if you are online say 24h, and you dont die, and base not destroyed.
no camping, you need 5 player kills, and must remain active, etc.

-Doc Tha Cock - GPF (Galactic Pussy Fuckers) - HWS(home-world server)-EU