📦 A new HWS (Connect) Feature | Inventory Sorting & Managing | Elemental Lottery Rework

Hi HWS Community,

we are very proud to announce a new HWS Feature which got requested by a lot of players for a very long time.

With the incredible help of @Hayawen, we could realize this in HWS Connect for everyone to enjoy!

Inventory Sort

If you played more logistic based games like Factorio or Satisfactory you get used to sorting your Inventory quickly. It helps especially in quick decision making what in your inventory is useful or not.

Sort by


We gave your the five most common sort options for now.

  • Name
  • Amount
  • Category
  • Mass
  • Volume


You can of course also “flip” your sort by Ascending / Descending order.


Last but not least, to give you maximum control of your “personal logistic”, you can choose how to sort or better to say where.


  • Only your Backpack
  • Only your Toolbelt
  • Both but separately
  • Both but combined


Sometimes during sorting it can happen you just don’t want stuff anymore.
So we gave you a convenient extended Trashcan window to quickly get rid of junk.

Inventory Managing

If there is a sort to your inventory, why not manage it in the same move?
With very special coding you can also create “Inventory Templates”, which helps you organizing your inventory greatly.

Maybe you know the feeling if you do a POI run and like to have a specific inventory order of ammo, medic, food, weapons in a given order you are used to?
Or if you go and build your base with a specific inventory logistic? Jump into PvP with a clear set of items?

Well, no time consuming item drag and drop rearrangement anymore needed!


Put all items randomly in your inventory, choose your configured Inventory Template and with one click it is organized in the order you like!

This is ultra efficient with the OCD Template! Check the video I will add to this post a bit later.

We hope you enjoy the feature and are excited for your feedback!

Elemental Lottery Rework

Some already recognized it but our Elemental Lottery is not available with ingame commands anymore. It got merged into HWS Connect, to give you more control.

You see the dynamic cost you have to pay for a ticket straight before buying now.

And on top of that you have a Lottery history shown as well now! This will give maybe more inventive for you to dream big for that Jackpot!

Maybe it does not look like big but a lot was needed to make these features done - free for everyone.
Please let us know your feedback and stay tuned for way more coming this year.

Patreon removed recently the ability to see the Goals of Creators publicly but check my Patreon Post to get excited for awesome stuff coming along the way we get more Patrons on Board!

Your HWS Team


Awesome! Great wörk Guys!

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How do you access the trashcan?

Also sorting is awesome. Thanks!

Can we get the same mechanic sorting for OCD?

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I think there is?


It’s only sorting what is displayed on webpage, no actual sorting is done on OCD

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I guess the next mile stone would be to have being able to sort the cargo boxes of your Bases and Vessels ?

Hey. Welcome to the forum.

That isn’t possible for the admins to interact with, so that’d be something Eleon has to add.

:wink: Coming eventually soon @bigsteve

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For that you have drag and drop (swap), no?

I think that would be quite heavy… @Hayawen

actually ocd is still EAH side so how heavy that operation might be is from @Jascha side :grimacing:

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Not that bad if its swaped a few times.
But if you want to sort the whole, maybe we should do a separate function for it @Hayawen

It would be really useful, OCD becomes very disorganized as time goes and sorting it manually with swaps takes a lot of time and it’s never ending story. This would be much more useful than inventory sort in my opinion.

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