A proper restart time for NA

Might it be possible to have a proper restart/wipe time for NA server. With the CSW the resources are wiped by the time NA is properly populated. 8 to 10 hours from the normal time might be nice.

11PM (server time) is what I can offer.

+1 from TAW on this!

Thanks for the reply Rexxus. 11pm ingame is 5pm eastern and 2pm pacific, that is still quite early but if this is the best you can do it might be nice to entertain the idea.

Ok, maybe we can go with even better times.

But for now this is on hold.

When we restart NA we have to restart EU also. Because of CSW. If someone is doing CSW while NA is offline, well, you can imagine.

So Jascha kind of need to build a queue system for CSW even if one server is offline. That is a lot of work.
I agree there needs some proper “timezone / prime time” for NA.

The reason why we canceled the 11PM restart was because it’s the prime time for EU and kicking 100+ people for no urgent reason wasn’t good.

Thank you for the explanation it makes sense why there is no restart during that time. Maybe for the next version if time permits.