A9+ Stats don't populate in the tool;IE only blank windows popup with no data


Prior to switching to A9 Experimental, and later to Stable, the stats fields were all populated. For example, when clicking on Playfield stats, a popup window would appear that had the various information for all playfields that had been loaded since the tool was connected to the server. Since moving the server to A9 Experimental, and later on to Stable, none of the popups except Player stats had any data available. Using the latest version of EAH, which comes with the latest Empyrion release. The last build of Empyrion that had stat data was A8.7.1. Everything since then will not populate any data except Player data, which does not have backpack backup data to restore previous backpacks. All log checkboxes have been checked from what I can tell, including the detailed logs. Currently playing A9.1 Experimental Build 2137, and about to update the server to A9.1 Stable Build 2137.

Am I missing something very simple? Or is this functionality of the tool not compatible with A9+ versions? All the other functions continue to work, including start/stop/restart server; warp; edit player info; etc. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I know you folks are very busy and you are doing a wonderful job. Thanks for your hard work!

-Silke Smoothe



never heard about that issue before. I can only imagine that something is set up differently.
The tool works fine with A9.

could you send me the latest logs of the tool. and maybe make some screenshots of the config tabs.

Are you using the tool on the server or as a slave on a local pc?


I sent the screen shots and logs to you in a message. The tool is used on the server through Remote Desktop. I’m sure it’s something simple that I’m overlooking, but I need fresh eyes to help me find it.
Thanks for your quick response and effort to help!

-Silke Smoothe


Through troubleshooting with Jascha, I found the issue. EAH needs to be run as an administrator. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this, instead of double clicking the icon for EAH, you right click it, and select the option “Run as Administrator”. If this isn’t done, the program does not have write permissions to update the server files, and therefore will not populate the statistics information fields in the tool. My problem was, in trying to get everything updated from A8.7.1 to A9, I forgot the simple step of running the tool as admin. Another prime example of operator error, but by going through the troubleshooting steps with Jascha, I quickly found the issue and resolved it. Thanks for you help, Jascha!!! I love your tool and the support has been excellent!!

-Silke Smoothe



thanks for the info. But then do it differently. Just allow your user to use the EAH folder (and all subfolders). It seems to be blocked then. No need to start as Administrator.