Abn, rexxus and a remorseful dQgnflua

I want with this little post, to give my apologize to the great community of HWS.

First of all, there is no excuse for my behavior, no matter how drunk, angry or stupid i behaved.
As an admin or owner, i would not accept any behavior like this from any of my thrusted helpers, so i am lucky hws have a owner that see more than the day ahead, and the day before!

So, to ABN, i am sry i went nuts on you lads. I will not go in detail about why i was angry, but want you all to know i was not angry with any of you, or any ABN members at all.
I was angry with some real life issues, and sadly, i screwed up, drank to much and found someone totaly different to blame for my own anger.
I of all, should know better than to take my rage out in a game, on other people.
But sadly it happend, and for that, and my behavior, i am sorry.

I do not ask for any forgivnes, just want you to know that i feel bad about it, and hope that one day you will speak with me again, and i hope that you know i will always help whenever i can, if you would ask for my help.

To rexx, i want to apologize for my behavior against other players on the server, and for the fact that i reacted to fast to try and help another player! This should not happend, and i know that!
A peptalk about me reacting to fast, would be something i could live with. But failing as a person after being reported, does not feel good at all!
So i dont ask for your forgivnes either, but i hope you also know that i regret all of this.

I will use the next weeks to think about my actions, and see if i will stay as HWP. Even if rexx still have me there, (tho, powerless) i do not feel i deserve it at all for now.
But being HWS, alongside Gareth, and meeting so many great persons, is also the main reason i play Empyrion at this stage! I like helping people, i like meeting new people.

So, yeah! Thinking time!

And, as a last quote! I hope the rest of the community will find some room to forgive me for my behavior against abn, rexx and hwp!



your still fired :wink:
lol jk… hope your ok mate :wink: loves yah

I honestly hope you find peace in real life, both with whatever was stressing you as well as the drinking.

I do hope you resign though, and this is not meant to make you feel bad.
Its more of a mix of:

Maybe the game and the responsibility of your role isnt helping you IRL
Just like you said, there really wasnt an excuse for how you acted, and it shows that when IRL or etc gets to be too much, other people suffer from it.

But! Nothing lasts forever, be it a job, an online responsibility or even IRL troubles - it’ll all pass. Its just a matter of how much energy and headache you invest before moving on to more enriching things.


Personally I don’t even care about the whole mess. If anyone in ABN was to break a rule everyone knows damned well we would get a ticket and punished so for HWP to break a rule vs us it was the only logical course of action to follow.


im just glad this has been resolved. i do feel that any judgement proceedings should only have those involved and not be posted public for all to see unless absolutly necessary. it can lead to many problems.

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No need to resign, or even apologise like this, you’re great as HWP DQ and I very much hope you remain.

You acted out of sympathy for another player, and it turned out to be the wrong move, and you’ve already apologised to the relevant groups involved. No need to self-flagellate anymore. :wink:

Take care, have a rest, then come back to us as HWP in full force. :slight_smile: If you need tips or advice on how to handle things i’m always about. Five years dealing in a high-pressure environment with enormous responsibility has taught me a lot about handling situations and people.

Best regards,

Also this bit is utter drivel:

The above quote feels a bit like gaslighting/predetermining excessively to me in my humble opinion. Everyone has a bad day, and DQ has already taken responsibility and admitted that this wasn’t their finest hour. But just because someone acts out once doesn’t guarantee it’ll happen again. If this were a consistent pattern of behaviour from DQ then i’d argue for them to go, but so far it isn’t.

You’ll be glad to know that us helpers don’t act with such a “you have one chance” attitude, otherwise discord would be rather empty!


thx @Bob… my plan was to not respond to anyone writing in this thread!
But, since i kinda made it public (this is my first words to @RexXxuS also after i got sober) i kinda feel people have the rights to say and express what they feel about me, and the episode!

I am glad for every pm i get on discord! They all mean allot! Even the negative ones!
Rex did not ask me to write this, I chose to do this, to approach the community on my own to apologise.It took me some days to have the guts!
No matter how stupid i have been, i have always been honest! i have never lied to anyone since i was 14! This was hard on me! not the self pitty way, but the way i reacted!
But yes! Thank you to everyone responding, that being positiv, negative, or in the good honest way as @Rabid.

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no worries old friend. glad to have u back. u know my feelings on being a helper and won’t judge if u decided to resign. but as a suggestion, perhaps just a break from being on call would be beneficial. it has been a while since u logged in just to experience the wonderful shiny things that kills the rest of us. who knows, after u get devoured and spat out by what the universe has to offer, it could assist u in helping those that may fall prey to the same.

in reference to my comment of privacy, it was not meant for this specific post. coming from help desk background, a “support” ticket to me is a request for technical support assistance. we have a community of helpers that can assist in closing most of the requests without admin intervention. i honestly feel there should be a private section dedicated to moderation requests. surely we can come up with an option for reporting things that go to a “moderation team” of sorts and are only viewable by those invited manually. this would cut down on a lot of rumors and other things that would not help resolve the issues. would also not “air dirty laundry” to potential newcomers who would form the wrong opinion of what we are all about here.

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What a bunch of BS for just doing what some humans do, help others in need of help. I say if it causes you this much trouble to just play a game, and you get no support for making a decent judgement call, then ask yourself why do you do it? Helping others should not be an issue that is debated in a way that causes more BS. Some players do not understand the way this game works or what fresh start means when you see it on the reload screen after death. It’s not like you teleported a vet that should have know better out of PVP. You are being too hard on yourself. I would have have said f off and played the game. I mean what are you worried about? losing an unpaid, no benefit, and un-reward position in a video game? Helping was your reward. You got crapped on for doing it. You may have stopped yet another player from leaving HWS. Maybe even added a new PVP’er to the mix. I say THANK YOU. I mean its not like you, as a VET, teleported back to a starter playfield to get easy kills for RP and for the hell of it.

Make support tickets private!!!


Hey there dQ.

I’m not replying with any thought to the game. I’m just replying as someone who is waaay too familiar with the “morning after apology.”
I’ve never woken up and wished I had a hang over.
I’ve never woken up and wished I didn’t know where I was.

All I really want to say is if this sort of thing isn’t a one-off, but happens way more than you’d like, feel free to send me a pm. Happy to talk.

Take good care, get plenty of sleep, have an awesome meal, have a walk in the woods, unless there’s bears where you live, then don’t have a walk in the woods.

Good luck.


we do may have bears to be honest!

Sometimes you have to take a break to bear with the chaos around you.


Freedom of speech is a luxury, the luxury u dont have. We have all said some nasty words after some pvp fights, but that is normal. And i know it is hard for you to keep all the thoughts for yourself.
We all learned a lot from this incident and i can say that u are not a bad guy here.
U did a mistake by following your heart and by doing that u just showed us, the u are right person for this job. Abn could just accept your apology and warn u, but no, they wanted to crucify you. Now i dont know why they did that and i dont care. Just know that u lost your adm status for trying to help someone out there. I am sure rex know that too, and rex… u are an arse if u let that kind of ppl leave this server. Someone needs to help new guys, or this server has no future.

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Correction: he lost his adm privileges for breaking the rules that come with those privileges. HWP aren’t supposed to intervene in PvP or show bias. dQ did both. I’m glad he’s apologizing but there still needs to be consequences.

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It so happens the British Forest Fire Prevention Representative also makes honey-smackin’ good cereal.

To a bear… you’re the honey-smackin’ good cereal.

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Dq mate, if you aren’t a copper at the minute, you are more than welcome to join Fianna :stuck_out_tongue:

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