About HWS

Welcome to the gaming Community HWS | Homeworld Server.

Founded at March 2016, our first and primary game is Empyrion Galactic Survival.
We’ve had more than 15 000 players join us in the past and with over 900 active players we’re dedicated and very proud to enrich their experience.

This “Hobby” became such a big passion that I’m doing it full time. Working day and night on things which make your gameplay better.
The money we get from the community is spent on the servers, high quality services (such as Tools or Freelancers) and of course on us, making all of this possible.

So, thanks to you guys who contribute not only ideas and feedback for HWS but also your hard-earned money!
Be sure that we appreciate it more than we can express it in words.
Special thanks to our HWS Patrons who support us running all of this not only temporary but month after month, years after years!

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