About the intruder log

Maybe a stupid question xD but is there any way for us to clear the intruder log so it doesn’t become such a long list ;p ? Would be nice just saying :wink:

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I second this notion,

Better rework in type, like Adms-logs.

And ofc we need filters on Data, Player, Playfield, Ship ID (Ofc everything only by player faction). Bc right now, big factions got EPIC IL, that load for 5 mins… Thats hard + info which we see isnt full, and we couldnt recreate all picture by them.

Yeah, the intruder log is on my todo list for a long time :disappointed:
I try my best to rework it asap.

you guys are doing a great job, was just wondering if it might be already possible that I could have looked over ;p.
but no worries and if it might be possible one day it would only be a bonus :wink: :+1: