About underwater turrets

Hello there, i just started playing on HWS servers, and had myself a really really bad experience today.

I’ve chosen the pvp field of m32, because i am not afraid from pvp… lost one base already and was totally ok with that, but today i lost my last small vessel with all my remaining resources to an underwater base… I know it is not against the rules yet, but after 4.0 patch small vessel’s thrusters stopped working underwater, meaning you can’t handle that kind of issue anymore. So, its just a big trap specially for starter players…

So, im asking to set underwater turrets against the rules or if anyone can tell me a way to deal with this kind of stuff. How to disable it? swimming with an assault rifle?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

I’d rather not give tips on how to kill my underwater base, but I love it so in hopes that no rules come against it I will say, I just killed an underwater base with my sv a few hours ago. Attacking water bases was challenging before, but now it’s very challenging and more dangerous.

  1. You can use momentum to get into the water, before you start to float up.
  2. You can nose your guns into the water.
  3. teamwork
  4. probably more ways

I agree with dutorito that underwater turrets should be banned. The spirit of the recent patch indicates that underwater turrets are not in line with the direction the game is going. I hope they are banned on HWS.

I think that weapons shooting from outside to underwater or vise versa, should loose their power, distance and velocity, just like real life. Ofc… this is a idea to the developers. For now, what can be done by the admins, if they think its right, is turn it forbiden. But, imho, i think that nothing should be done… Underwater weapons is hard and who want beat it need to deal with it.

Interesting problem, I know from pre-alpha experience that underwater bases are hardly worth the effort of taking down, and honestly while not invincible, adds a stupid layer of complexity to taking down something that should be simple to handle. Will investigate this further on a private server.

How? How would you deal with them? You can’t take an SV underwater anymore. Do you expect people to shoot at underwater turrets that instantly kill them on foot?

Admin accepted this complaint and underwater turrets will be disallowed from now on…