Abusive Chat Becoming More Common

It seems that in recent days more and more people have learned how to circumvent the chat filters intended to keep public chat relatively clean. This goes hand in hand with keeping the conversation civil. Yet with more and more learning to bypass the filter with the clever use of the “period” it seems that with the free reign to say whatever word they want these people also feel entitled to say whatever they like. Obviously its one thing to see someone get a warning about saying a word like “sucker” which as far as I know isn’t a bad word at all. Its quite another so see someone using the period to circumvent the chat restrictions so the can graphically describe who he had his way with another players mother last night. Without so much as a countdown to banning. Personally I would love to just mute these people but as that is not an option we rely on the Admins to enforce the rules others find ways around and so I’ll post screenshots for you to see. If there is a better place to put this let me know for future reference. I doubt this problem will be solved over night. I would encourage others to post pics of similar violations.

To be clear I’m not singling out the people seen in these screenshots. I only recently started taking screenshots and these are what I have. This doesn’t make them less guilty but they are hardly the only ones doing this.

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You know, I’ve grown quite tired of your pettiness. Every time one of your crew or you gets punished for whatever, you just have to start inventing new ways to piss people off. I have seen the same “workaround” coming from you and your buddies several times. Grow up. All 4 of you have acted like children from the minute you got on HWS. No mature adult I play with would go around griefing, planting signs, gloating, flaming, and using circular logic to split hairs about rules. You can’t even play the game without the use of exploits.

Even when you get beat at your own game, you whine. You flame, you name-call like children, and generally act quite poorly. You have disrupted the community, and it’s admins for weeks at a time for no other reason than you seem to be incapable of acting like adults.

That being said, I shall endeavor to talk to you in the manner to which you are accustomed: shut up and play the game or leave.

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Technically we will look into it.
Many of your marked sentences were generally meaning and for that the chat filter is there.

About words which are directed to players we will look into it. But since you insulted other people at your own a lot we focus on the technically part first.
Even though we recognized that your faction calmed down recently what we welcome.
But I see other players don’t forget so easy… just don’t start to pull in old wounds here again.

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Let me be very clear so there is no misunderstanding. First anyone can be insulted by anything. So to say that “since you insulted other people” could mean that I destroyed their ship and they were insulted by it. I have never cursed at anyone in chat or made fun or their mom or any of the things which are regularly allowed to happen to me. I think maybe you confuse the chat of some of my faction members with me. I encourage you to remember that we are not all a single person but are separate individuals. My preferred way to deal with someone insulting me is to simply ignore them until they get tired of hearing themselves talk like I am doing with Manbeast right now.

I did not make this post b/c someone hurt my feelings. I have never had a negative emotional response to anything said to me in comms. The only reason I posted this is because I see that others are being offended or having their gaming experience ruined by the negative, insulting, and foul mouths of a few other players. I know that these people who are being stepped on are not the type to say anything. They would just leave. I don’t want to see that happen. I hope you don’t either. If you want to ignore what I posted b/c I am the one that said it that’s up to you but I believe it would be a mistake for the community to do so. I would also appreciate it if you see me for who I am and not assume that everyone who has ever been in my faction and I are all the same b/c we are not.

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All four of us? That’s odd. I don’t participate in global…nor on the boards. You are mistaken sir, or confused. All I do is farm, and fight when needed. As a matter of fact, I often give my opponents a heads up stating I am not hostile…which always ends with me taking fire…and then I gotta wreck a few people’s day… Now I will agree, some of the comments that have came out of this faction has been out of line, and I apologize to the community for that. But please understand that we don’t want to harm this server or the community as a whole, we enjoy this server and the members. Loki aside, I like the Tvt group, I’ve raided with these guys on another server, using the same tactics. Rezzy and his people are tons of fun. The RAT people are heaps of fun. And Manbeast, we haven’t met in a fight, but I look forward to the fight. Ladies and gents, if you don’t like our tactics, I challenge you to counter them by thinking outside the box, just maybe you’ll have fun doing it!

Good luck, HAVE FUN, and most importantly don’t die!

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Chat filters are always doomed to fail at one point or another. Players will always find ways to circumvent them. Replacing letters with signs (eg: A = @), adding random amount of spaces, dots, commas. You’ll be amazed how creative players become just to get their “word” across the chat.

Of course you can improve the bad words filter. Add more possibilties to it. Up untill it gets to the point where it will start filtering false positives and banning players that really didn’t deserve it.

Therefor, from a technical perspective, even though it might be possible to improve it a bit, it will never become 100% fool proof. The only way to do that is to gain 24/7 Admin coverage online, as nothing will ever be as advanced as bringing in the human factor.

However, it could be a technical improvement to allow an Admin to manually increase the amount of warnings a user has had from the chat filter. That way you prevent situations where an Admin might unfairly decide to ban a player for a few hours while it was only his / her first or second offense. And on the other hand the server is able to keep proper track of the amount of offenses.

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Fullsized i must say those pictures you sent there, if you find those offending, you should see the hundreds of insults i get evryday… i tried to pledge with the admins but they dont care at all, so dont hope for any change at all, but there should be jail for those people using offensive language to other, and accusing people of hacking is just as bad!.

I’d also point out that the chat filter is often really bad. Like, completely useless to actually stop people from cursing (me included!). I assume the point is to dissuade players from cursing in chat, and honestly while it tries to do that by being a irritation for the entire server to suffer through (the warnings get displayed in faction chat), it doesn’t actually stop anyone from cursing.

I like the idea of a curse tip jar, requiring some insignificant amount of credits (say like 10 Cr) for every curse word. But then noobs who don’t know about the filter get punished for not knowing (which is bad, since they only start with 700 Cr). Personally I’d just scrap it, it’s only being a nuisance for people at this point.

I’m all for free speech and all, but sometimes people take it too far. One faction, over the past week, has been trying to get us into trouble by continuously calling us griefers when they know we’ve done nothing wrong.

A handful of them are constantly trying to provoke arguments out of us by calling us names, swearing at us, and leveling baseless accusations of griefing and rule/lore breaking. Now they’ve even started dropping vessels, set to private, right next to our PVE bases with messages on them.

The banter has devolved into harassment, and it’s getting old.

And with and admin on board they can even kick us from game. We must be getting to them lol.

Wortch, can you provide me or Rexx with screenshots of the ships in question?

@TheRaven I asked you to please send me Information regarding that case. Did not receive anything yet and soon it will be to late since Logs will be gone. Please send me details via pm.
I’m guessing its a confusion that Admins have Faction Tags from people they Impersonated before. No Admin is playing in a Faciton.

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Jascha i have sen’t the info to Rexxxus. I flagged the pm’s for admin review. Was not able to forward them.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: