AC and Normal Core - please help

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What happened: I logged in after a few days. Touched all my stuff. As I was going around I noticed a green core and bright green cargobox on the bottom of my ship. This was wierd as it has an AC in it. I looked at P menu and sure enough showed both normal core and alien core. I decided to take off the normal core and now I can’t access my ship. I tried the command to set it back to me but it didnt work.
Player(s) with issue: Dreadstar
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: Eden
Structure Name(s): Dreadpocolypse
Structure ID(s): 1775481
How can we help you now: Set it back to me please.


I don’t know what all of the story means but regarding the log you removed the core and it turned into Alien faction later.

Not sure what happened but I set it to you for now.

I’ll try and make it more concise.

I put an alien core in my CV at the start of the season. Used the command to change it to my faction DSI. I have not logged in this week. When I logged in to access everything so it wouldn’t be deleted I noticed a normal player core and a bright green cargohold on the bottom of my ship.

I looked at the P menu and it showed a normal core and an alien core. I removed the normal core that was sticking off the bottom of my ship. It changed from my faction to Alien and the cmd wouldnt set it back.

The green cargohold is still on the bottom of the ship if you want to go look at it.

TLDR: A normal green player core and bright green cargohold magically appeared on my ship thats been in the server for weeks. I don’t know if this is a bug or somebody has figured out how to hack ships by placing another player core on it or what.

Here is a picture if that helps.

As you can see the bright green cargo box on the bottom of my ship. The normal player core was next to it that I removed. Neither of these two things were there a week ago when I landed the ship.

Can you tell who placed the core?

I have confirmed you cannot add a normal core to a ship that has a alien core on it. So its not some new bug. Somebody has figured out how to add second core to CVs.

Can’t see anything out of the logs…

I have an idea how this could be achieved but that would have been only possible for the owner, you.
Strange bug I think.

The only people ever getting in contact with the ship where You RoP and Quick. but Quick might have been just a passenger.
I wondered if the ship is a duplicate, but it did not move for long.

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