Accidentally wiped the space in a playfield

Hi Guys,

Another quick question. I did a wipe of the starter planets on my server a day ago. I did this by right clicking the planet and then the moon in the playfield list and selecting wipe.

I had assumed this would not wipe the space? I thought I needed to wipe the “Orbit” to do that. Unfortunately it did and I mashed a factions ships. :frowning:

So does wiping the planet and moon also wipe the space?

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hmm space is actually orbit. Orbit = Space. Space = Orbit.

No, it depends what you wipe. Wipe will only trigger for that specific playfield you chose.


Thanks RexXxus,

I just got to chat with the guys who lost stuff and there may have been a misscommunication. I don;t think they realised Masperon was a starter planet that was getting wiped. Think they were on the planet, not in space.

Fingers crossed it wasn’t my fault this time. :slight_smile:


In worhted cases: When you wipe he allways will make a backup. So you can allways revert that playfield (as long as its not to long gone and ships of that playfield are somewhere else… causing duplicate ships etc…)

Yes. good advise. I always backup all data, before wipe, before update, hell even just before I do a shutdown for maintenance. TB"s are cheap :slight_smile:

What I did learn from here is you can wipe from empadmin…I usually just delete the folder out of the save folder

ah ok. yes you can wipe over the timetable :slight_smile: Just put the Playfields to wipe with # seperateds in the parameter.

The picture contains an example.

weird…I don’t have auto wipe…just wipe…that auto wipe will help a lot!

Sorry we changed the names… its wipe since everything there is “auto” :slight_smile:

haha thought so thanks. was scared maybe wipe was wipe the entire server. cool will try it with my one planet. Does it still auto backup and restart?

Yes Wipe does all: Stop server; Backup; Wipe; Start again.