Achilles returns (well kind of)

Hello HWS community!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the new 7.0 patch

I decided to do a little mini series for HWS

you can check it out here, might be worth your while as anyone can get involved and the end outcome is…

$50,000,000 ingame credits for the skilled person that is able to complete the task!

see you around

Achilles (Und3rcov3r Nerd)


Challenge accepted.



com-optimize (2)


Great job mate and nice to see you back (well kind of). Are you available for voice over work? :slight_smile:

Yea i’m available, love doing videos and voice over. let me know what you want me to do :slight_smile:


just have to say that i am incredibly impressed with your artwork, you should consider doing some Photoshop tutorials maybe lol


I don’t have the clout that ol’ Achilles has, but I also do voice over work if ever you need some and would be happy to provide.


describing =) =)

Oh maaan, i was busy this morning and only got half way through the vid … didnt even get to the GOOD bit!! This is absolutely awesome, what a great idea!! Going to be great fun to keep an eye on … GodSpeed Und3rcov3rNerd … RIP Achilies …

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Fantastic! talk about painting a target…!

“No special HWS features, no help whatsoever”

“I have 20 million, I might just buy a garage ship”

Yeah, garage ships are not HWS features


@zappe21 @GMC Shall we hunt, or should we offer our services as bodyguards? We can’t leave Mr. Undercover to fend for himself in this universe full of sharks.

I will guard the body. While it cools and I wait for 50m :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support @Scorp >.>

He was saying about no HWS connect features. AMs, OCDs,…
Physical features such as garage, traders, etc… are fine.

GMC id ofc offering guarding service for our old friend. :slight_smile:

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And you will die for your efforts.

Got a dedicated area, Episode 1 is now available… So glad I got some old friends…

I will most surley be looking at playing the friend card to help keep me safe haha