ACM Bug CV Without Core

We have destroyed a CV in the Blackhole of ACM. about 30 min ago.
This CV appears to be a coreless bug ship.

Here are the screenshots.

Get ships ID!!!

Опять багами тащат.

The coreless bug seems to appear randomly now without control, had it happen to my own ship without doing anything and could not remove it so killed every single block xD lol…

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Cant find ship again its away…

i think wipe in 7 min in Blackhole…

Are you sure @Kogami we have not seen this bug for a long time on any our ships.

The CV is still factioned on ACM maybe the core is still present but is well hided.
Note that now with 5.3 update turrets do not aim no more the core

Thats right but look the Pictures!
There is not very much left from ship.

Yea it happend to one of my sv’s about 1 week ago

Something like that is annoying

you should never subvalutate the Core hiding fantasy of ACM CV constructors

Anyway you are in Black Hole wait another couple of hours and all your problems will be solved (joking):laughing:

Check options… They AIM on Core…

a reproducable case would be helpful…

A coreless Bug Ship! LMAO! We dont have a clue what a coreless bug ship is man. Ship is Zelutz work, I wouldnt be seen dead in it (unlike him lol), keep digging it’ll be there somewhere.

it happened to us on a IMT (IFK) ship too… not mentionning their constant exploit and rules breaking by making their bases’s cores deep into the magmatic mantle of the planet and underground turrets…

btw, yamaha, can we discuss about your lagship who made by itself whole of neptune orbit unplayable yesterday ?

OOhhh, i saw the post now, that was my ship!!! :frowning:
And Yamaha, even tho u are pirates, why do u have to attack all the time? :slight_smile:

The ship was gone after the Black Hole wipe. When i got to it after u (u-p, with ur over massive all guns in the front without having them connected to the ship ship) left there was no core in it and it didnt seemed buggy tho.

But Clanntag was there and no core. :slight_smile: and we cant set a new one. it maybe was a gamebug… Noeone knows

ahm Zeluz i forgot we was mining there, we need resources too. :wink:

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