ACM don't let us play

Hello i write this because i don’t know what to do im new in the server and this faction ACM don’t let us play, don’t stop killing us so we can’t exit the planet to start again in another world.

have you done cb:reset and started as a different faction?
I assume you have stated as lawless

not fair from ACME, but at the same time, you did go for pvp play! die, play, repeat! Use cb:reset, most of your stuff is most likely gone anyway!

you need to stay in PvE until you are ready for PVP! pvp on this server is harsh especially for new players to this server. always make sure you have more than 3 people playing with you in PVP so you have each other’s backs. Also, make sure your ships bases etc are pvp ready and I don’t mean the ones in the workshop they are not going to last you 5 min in a pvp battle!

I guess we might need a newbie guide or something.

Then there is the full guide database: