HWS Tips-n-Tricks

Did You Know…

  • That you can use the command cb:sethome:id and after you died cb:gohome ?

    Set a structure as your “Home” to be able to jump to it after you died with the command above. It must be a CV or BA and you have to be near it. (you get the ID by typing “di” in the console and look at the structure).

  • That your network ping matters while drilling?

    The better your ping while you drill for example a Voxel Deposit, the more resources you get in your Harvest Box!

  • That Gatling Guns / Minigun Turrets are not forgettable?

    Make sure to set the target of some turrets also to Generator, etc.

  • That you can find help by joining our Discord server and that you can see how many people are on the servers via the sidebar?

    Just press the orange Hamburger icon on the very top right to open the sidebar.
    If you open it in HWS Connect, you will also see the Server time

  • That you get the best support by entering this URL in your browser? help.hws.global

    Just replace the “Write here” boilerplate with a description of your issue and help will arrive shortly.

  • That you can read the complete Guide from within the game?

    Just press F1 and navigate to Knowledge Base at the top right

  • That you can click on HWS Connect tool buttons instead of typing those commands in chat?

    Just use HWS Connect

  • That you can get a free loot crate every day which contains some random rewards which get better the more you collect them?

    Available via HWS Connect, every day at 12 PM - Server Time.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you are new to HWS, don’t hesitate to ask questions in chat. You will most likely get an answer from someone in our helpful community. Discord and the HWS Forum are your other options.

  • If you want to restart your character completely, type cb:reset in chat. This would be a total wipe of your character. Read here for what is kept and lost.

  • Parking your CV >50km away from the nearest planet in PvP space is probably safe.
    Parking near planets in a PvP zone is very dangerous!
    Your two other options are to rely on the Offline Protection Device in-game OR use the best Offline Protection possible: our EGS Stealth Feature

  • It is highly recommended that you have a spare warp sled CV - ready to spawn in your factory at all times! You never know when you need transportation after being stranded in space. Additionally - Don’t forget to plan for fuel and Pentaxid when operating in PvP space!

Knowledge is Power !