Active PVP? Please Read!

I’ve been admin for a few weeks now and I would highly recommend to anyone that’s attempting to follow the story and is an active PvPer to download OBS and make videos anytime you are in a conflict.

Before you start your raid etc just hit a hotkey and start recording.

If someone accuses you of spawn camping or ammo draining these videos will make it very clear.

I’m sorry, but screen caps just aren’t enough sometimes.

OBS is easy to setup and can be turned on and off with a hotkey. I recommend F9 for START and F10 for stop.

I would like to work towards an admin enforced story, but It’s going to take your help. We don’t have the time to check logs for everything. Videos are easy.


I’d definitely recommend going for vids instead of screenshots. I’m pretty good with Photoshop myself and I can make any screenshot look like you’re breaking just about all the rules out there. It’s just not a reliable way to detect cheaters. Video editing is possible as well ofc, but it’s a whole lot harder to do this in a convincing way.

I concur with this, the tool is very simple to use and very easy to record video with. Bear in mind you should be judicious about recording video; it eats up a lot of space. So don’t take any more video than you have to to get the point across.