Add to HV nontarget missle for more action

Add to HV nontarget missle for more action and remove minigun weapon.

What do you mean with that?

Overall I can’t influence it. Would be just a HWS Garage job for now.

Mb u can ask it from Develompers?


I can :wink:


I thin its best idea - Tank must be a Tank. not a minigancar.


Tanks have minguns in real life too. You know mounted machine-guns? It doesn’t make it any-less tanky but more flexible. Maybe i misunderstood your English?

yes but more like turrets

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I would love to see something like that, but… I was curious, there is something I thought of while reading about the “minigun cars” and other information in here.

Theoretically, would it be possible to add a non-targeting fifty caliber weapon to Empyrion, and possibly a rocket launcher? I know this is not something you could do, but with the way the game is I personally think it would be really cool to get a big boost to your damage output by having another player in the HV. I don’t know of a good way to do this besides having a manual turret in the P menu and another cockpit, and whoever got in second would control the turret.

For this to be effective the turret would have to be very powerful, maybe not as powerful as another HV but similar to an artillery turret with damage output, but reloads and fires much faster. Or even a pulse laser like gun that can drop shields quickly and one shot blocks. If this became commonplace it may (this is a long shot) reduce lag, because players would fly together instead of spawning multiple HVs.


HV pilot need more action with rocket, think its good idea

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