Admin CV's for sale

Okay there are a lot of Admin SV’s for sale in EGS headquarters. But I have only seen one CV for sale and it was as cheap as the price tag of only 500,000. The problem is it wouldn’t live past one volley from any CV before it was destroyed. I would LOVE to buy a 3,000,000 or 6,000,000 Admin/Alien core CV if I thought I could use it as a mobile base for the season. Heck even 15,000,000 for a really nice one would be awesome. Any chance for something like that?

Yeah! And GOD mode for 10mil and Debug rifle with 10k damage only for 5 mil.

They already sell what I am asking for, its just made of paper. I am just asking for one that isn’t made of paper.

Yea your just asking for one made of adamantium xD lol yea that will never happen.

LOL for what you need CV with alien core? Alien dont shoot you? ) With admin core structures are unkillable.

You guys do know I am talking about the admin created CV’s? They already make them… and yes they can be killed. Maybe I am using the wrong grammar but they are CV versions. The Cephalopod is one.

Please follow this link.

He is talkign about garage ships. The thing is chaplain, the whole novelty of the garage ships is the mixing of parts from different types of ships. The cephalopod was the only cv, because only one thing can be given to a cv really, an HV mining drill so it can mine on planet. Garage ships cannot be any stronger than combat steel, or anything like that. The only thing you could really do is take the alien core ( which btw drain power far slower, hence the reason to use them in garage ships) and just build your normal ship around it. You can do this with the cephalopod. I guess if you have a cv design that you want to turn INTO a garage ship, just get the design to Rexxxus, and it may be made into a garage ship. I have had 2 of my ships turned into garage ships thus far. But it is a very limited prospect for cv enhancement.

Ok, I didn’t know you could add to them. that is awesome. Thank you for the tip!

The Devourer is the another ship in the garage, but I have never seen it for sale. It has HV T2 drill’s on it. Also worth noting some of the SV’s have way past their gun limits so they can do more than just slap a drill on it. Basically though I was just asking for something that can be used as a base ship without being destroyed the first time you warp into pvp.

Step 1: take the ship you want to use as a base.
Step 2: Slap on 5-15 more layers of armor
Step 3: put core, chair, and warp stuff in center
Congratulations, you are now nearly invincible in Empyrion PVP.

The Garage ships are pretty much the only reason I bother gathering gold. I get it that people may think its silly but it is one of the many features that sets HWS apart. How awesome would it be if they sold a ‘battle ship’ style CV with 6 Art turrets? or a CV with SV homing rocket launchers? I just found it odd that there is 1-2 CV’s for sale and I lost count on the number of SV’s. I understand the lack of HV’s although I wish this could be a thing.

As @mcprouty said: it is mostly a time thing.
So if you want a special ship to be equipped with high tech alien technology through me a PM and it can be made.

In general it needs to be balanced of course. 6 Artillery turrets fine but Cockpit on top of the cockpit then, you know what I mean.
Not always easy to find the pros and cons of each ship but for now we are good to go I think. At least the price can be a good factor.

For 7.0 two high tech garage ships are coming the world has never seen or imagined before.

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Awesome! I was just giving examples. I look forward to your creations!

Hey Rexxus does the Recon SV have any passenger seats?

Indeed it does 2 x (it used to have 4, but it got a warp drive). Come and have a look around in Garage on ECC :slight_smile:

Any chance the two that I purchased that were warp drive-less could get updated?

Yes … as long as you have your receipt … ill sort tomorrow

Awesome it is definitely on my wish list, I am mad at myself for not checking these out last season. Is there a way if you buy one and it survives the season can I take it to the next season?

Ok , I have an issue. I bought the Recon sv, it got damaged, I replaced the exact parts and suddenly its class 2. An admin earlier said that I was supposed to get it to the garage for repair within 40 hours. However I did not see this written anywhere. Also we are unable to find any repair command to repair our ships, any info on this?
I would love to get my Recon back to class1 as is now its almost useless as the two most contested planets are class 1 restrictions

Btw they still are non warp capable.