HWS Garage

HWS Garage is a very unique and innovative way of getting extremely special ships and is only available in certain locations and for some serious credits. These are ships you probably cannot find ANYWHERE else in the universe and are coveted for their special abilities.
Most of them have Alien Cores, CV components in SVs or an SV with HV Drills for example.

:rocket: See all available HWS Garage ships here :rocket:

How does it work

As soon as you enter the HWS Garage zone you can buy / sell a ship you want.

Visit https://cmd.hws.global or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type ts:? for all available commands

  • The ship credit price can be seen also in HWS Connect > HWS Garage
  • If you want to sell your ship there or stop your sale, you have to pay 10% credits fee of the price
  • It cost you 1% of the sell price credits per day to keep your ship for sale
  • It cost you as many HWS DNA as you bought one ship already * 10
    Example: you bought the V-Wing 2 times and want to buy it a third time - this would cost you credits + 30 HWS DNA

IMPORTANT!: before you type cb:yes to buy a ship make ABSOLUTELY sure you are buying the correct one. Watch the chat VERY closely! Once bought, the ship needs to be moved IMMEDIATELY out of the purchasing zone otherwise it will be overwritten when the replacement spawns.

Origin buy limits

Fighter Origin can buy 1 Garage ship per day
Engineer Origin can buy 2 Garage ship per day
Dealer Origin can buy 3 Garage ship per day
Explorer Origin can buy 4 Garage ship per day


  • The HWS Garage is currently located on the ECC planet and in space. You can reach the two locations also via a Teleporter in the EGS HQ > HWS Garage room. On ECC planet, you can find Hover Vessels and Small Vessels. In space, you can find all types of ships.

  • In the HWS Garage HQ all HWS Garage Ships are free to enter. (Please make sure, that you remove the public 0000 - Code of all doors, ramps, shutter doors and hangar doors after your purchase.)


Although you may modify your garage ship, HWS will no longer support that ship once altered from its original design.
Any damaged components, intentional or by accident canโ€™t be restored or refunded as well.


However, with the Repair Bay + Console, you can repair your HWS Garage ship to a certain degree.
Keep in mind that everything which is over the limit (e.g. drills) is only restored to the server limits.

HWS Garage ship submission

If you think your ship is worth to be sold under the branding of HWS Garage, please content one of our HWS Garage Masters.

Submission Guidelines

If you have an awesome ship, that you want to share with the HWS Community there are some strict guidelines.

  • Your structure has to enrich the actual HWS Garage. It should be better than one actual ship because we have limited places for all Garage Ships. One actual Ship has to go when a new one joins.

  • Structures that were built in less than ~30 hours will not make it to the garage.

  • Appealing design with at least one of the following attributes: extra ordinary, unique, futuristic, aesthetic, convenient, smart

We are looking for aerodynamic shapes, detailed designs and the color palette white, grey, black with accents of light blue.
See some examples here:

  • The usability of the rooms and the technology should also be practically designed

  • Build a comfortable entrance into the ship

  • Built-in Shield system with a pentaxid tank

  • Build on category: Miner, Expedition, Fighter or Utility: HWS Garage

  • Built to fit limits: Drills, Weapons, Devices, Materials have specific limits per ship type: 4. Limits & Restrictions

  • Your structure needs to have Controller + Extension Container to meet the Mass & Volume standards. Make sure the ship is still flying when itโ€™s loaded.

  • Signal logic available: Levers and sensors facilitate the handling of the ship
  • If the Thrusters dazzle, please cover them with blocks on the sides and shutter windows or SV DecoVents on the back.
  • Connect constructors, deconstructors, furnaces, food processors with cargo boxes or container controllers
  • Install Landing Gears
  • Sign boxes, preferably with text.

Additional Rules:
!:exclamation::exclamation:! When submitting a blueprint, you agree not to upload the ship in the steam workshop!
!:white_check_mark:! This is very important because the HWS garage ships are custom-made for the server and should remain so.

!:x:! In addition, it is forbidden to take ships from the steam workshop or other players to use them for the HWS Garage.
!:white_check_mark:! The ship must have been built by yourself.

:1st_place_medal: The Reward:
If your ship is successfully integrated into the HWS Garage, you get a copy of this ship for free. Just buy it in the garage, let the Garage Masters know and we will give you the credits and HWS DNA back.

If you still have questions or want to submit your perfect designed ship, please contact one of the Garage Masters.


:tractor: Miner (Engineer Origin gets 10% discount)

You like Ores? You like a LOT of Ores FAST? Ships from this category are your bet then. Equipped with an overlimit drill amount, you get all Ores that are chillin in the ground super fast.

:flying_saucer: Expedition (Explorer Origin gets 10% discount)

You want to reach the Stars not only fast but alive? Ships from this category are specialized in sustainability and possibilities. Basically from everything a little bit, you know.

:building_construction: Utility (Dealer Origin gets 10% discount)

Who doesnโ€™t like Furnaces on a SV or carrying whatever Commodity item you want through the universe? These ships have this specific role and always deliver.

:rocket: Fighter (Fighter Origin gets 10% discount)

There is this one specific enemy you always wanted to take down? Look no further. With Fighter ships you get everything you need to not only win, but also win with style.

Note: Please place at total maximum of 22 Weapons, because over this limit the weapons wonโ€™t work reliably.

:trophy: HWS Patron Discount

If you are HWS Patron you get 1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, 15%, 30% or 70% discount depending on your Patron level on top of your Origin discount.

HWS Garage Price Settlement 2022

Since we have the possibility to determine the price of a ship dynamically, based on the cost it takes to make the blocks/devices a ship contains of, the pricing is very simple.
The marketprice of the ship + a Garage fee basically.

Garage Fee HWS+

Price Category
+10m +1m supply fee* Mining
+9m +1m supply fee* Fighting
+8m +1m supply fee* Expedition
+7m +1m supply fee* Utility

*prices and offers vary based on demand

Garage Fee HWS RE

Price Category
+35m +10m per overlimit device fee* Fighting
+34m +10m per overlimit device fee* Mining
+33m +10m per overlimit device fee* Expedition
+32m +10m per overlimit device fee* Utility

*prices and offers vary based on demand

Check out the weapon limits here

We have made this list to the best of our knowledge and belief. Nevertheless, we do not guarantee completeness or accuracy.