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HWS Garage is a very unique way of getting extremely special ships and is only available in certain locations and for some serious credits. These are ships you probably cannot find ANYWHERE else in the universe, and are coveted for their special abilities.
Most of them have Alien NPC Cores, CV components in SVs or a SV with HV Drills for example.

HWS Garage now offers 2 ranges; our legacy range and running along side it our new DX Space-Craft range aimed at the more fashion conscious player.

How does it work

As soon as you enter the HWS Garage zone you can buy a ship you want.

Visit https://cmd.hws.global or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type ts:? for all available commands

  • The ship credit price can be seen also in HWS Connect > HWS Garage
  • It cost you as many RP as you bought one ship already * 10
    Example: you bought the V-Wing 2 times and want to buy it a third time - this would cost you credits + 30 RP
  • Each faction can sell 1 ship per Garage Zone

IMPORTANT!: before you type cb:yes to buy a ship make ABSOLUTELY sure you are buying the correct one. Watch the chat VERY closely! Once bought, the ship needs to be moved IMMEDIATELY out of the purchasing zone otherwise it will be overwritten when the replacement spawns.


  • The HWS Garage is currently located on the ECC planet and in space. You can reach the two locations also via a Teleporter in the EGS HQ > HWS Garage room. On ECC planet, you can find Hover Vessels and Small Vessels. In space you can find CV’s.

  • In the HWS Garage HQ all HWS Garage Ships are free to enter. (Please make sure, that you remove the public 0000 - Code of all doors, ramps, shutter doors and hangar doors after your purchase.)


Although you may modify your garage ship, HWS will no longer support that ship once altered from its original design.
Any damaged components, intentional or by accident can’t be restored or refunded as well.


However with the Repair Bay + Console you can repair your HWS Garage ship to a certain degree.
Keep in mind that everything which is over the limit (e.g. drills) are only restored to the server limits.

HWS Garage ship submission

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As you can hopefully read from above, the submission is officially closed. @Ju is busy with building POIs and making PDA missions for HWS. But if you think, you have a better ship than you can actually find in the garage, you can still try and submit… if you dare.
If you have an awesome ship, that you want to share with the HWS Community there are some strict guidelines.

  • Your structure has to enrich the actual HWS Garage. It should be better than one actual ship, because we have limited places for all Garage Ships. One actual Ship has to go, when a new one joins.

  • Structures that were build in less than ~30 hours will not make it to the garage.

  • Appealing design with at least one of the following attributes: extra ordinary, unique, futuristic, aesthetic, convenient, smart

  • The usability of the rooms and the technology should also be practically designed

  • Build a comfortable entrance into the ship

  • Your structure needs to have “exposed thrusters” (thrusters which have no blocks behind them).
    Only one layer of:

    • vertical shutter window (transparent ! )
    • or slope shutter window (transparent ! )
    • or Vent (Deco)
    • or SVDecoVent02
      behind them is allowed to build.
      No other blocks and blockshapes are allowed. Even no thin blocks or rounded edges. The whole way till the end of your ship shape: please build no obstacles. Please build tunnels, if your thruster is in the very middle of your ship. Thrusters have to be visible even from the very far away. Tunnels have to be as wide as the thruster itself is. See some images at this post: 🏆 Giant Great HWS Garage Ship Contest 🚀
  • Built-in Polarized Hull Shield with pentaxid tank

  • Build on category: Miner, Utility, Explorer, Fighter or Tank: HWS Garage

  • Built to fit limits: Drills, Weapons, Devices, Materials have specific limits per ship type: 4. Limits & Restrictions

  • Your structure needs to have Controller + Extension Container to meet the Mass & Volume standards. Make sure the ship is still flying when it’s loaded. (SV ➝ minimum 5 Stacks 50000 Gold Ingots, CV ➝ minimum 20 Stacks 50000 Gold Ingots as measurement - except fighters and tanks)

  • Signal logic available: Levers and sensors facilitate the handling of the ship
  • If the Thrusters dazzle, please cover them with blocks on the sides and shutter windows or SV DecoVents on the back.
  • Connect constructors, deconstructors, furnaces, food processors with cargo boxes or container controllers
  • Install Landing Gears
  • Sign boxes, preferably with text.

Additional Rules:
!:exclamation::exclamation:! When submitting a blueprint, you agree not to upload the ship in the steam workshop!
!:white_check_mark:! This is very important, because the HWS garage ships are custom-made for the server and should remain so.

!:x:! In addition, it is forbidden to take ships from the steam workshop or other players to use them for the HWS Garage.
!:white_check_mark:! The ship must have been built by yourself.

:1st_place_medal: The Reward:
If your ship is successfully integrated in the HWS Garage, you get a copy of this ship for free. Just buy it in the garage, let @Ju know and she will give you the credits back.

If you still have questions or want to submit your perfect designed ship, please contact @Ju.



(Federation get 10% discount)
Only these extra ordinary items are allowed in that Category:

  • Drill Turrets and Multiturrets from other ship type
  • max. 10 Harvester Modules (on SV/CV)
  • HV ➝ a maximum of 16 Drills in total, max. 2 Tool Turrets
  • SV ➝ a maximum of 10 Drills in total, max. 2 HV or 8 CV Tool Turrets
  • CV ➝ a maximum of 16 Drills in total, max. 8 Tool Turrets
  • Furnaces


(Federation get 10% discount)
Only these extra ordinary items are allowed in that Category:

  • Multiturrets from other ship type
  • Constructors
  • Deconstructors
  • Furnaces
  • Plants


(Freelancer get 10% discount)
Only these extra ordinary items are allowed in that Category:

  • Drill Turrets and Multiturrets from other ship type
  • max. 6 Harvester Modules (on SV/CV)
  • max. 6 overlimit Drills (HV=12 in total, SV=6 in total, CV=12 in total)
  • max. 2 Constructor
  • max. 1 Deconstructor
  • max. 1 Furnace
  • max. 18 Plants
  • max. 2 overlimit Weapons in total (also from other ship type allowed)

Tank (Only HVs)

(Pirate get 10% discount)
Only these extra ordinary items are allowed in that Category:

  • Weapons from other ship type
  • Armored Concrete allowed
    (we recommend to only build the shell with armored concrete, so that the tank does not get too heavy)


(Pirate get 10% discount)
Only these extra ordinary items are allowed in that Category:

  • Weapons from other ship type
  • +2 overlimit Weapons per Weapon Type

Additionally in every Category the ‘for free’ devices are allowed too (see price list below).
Beside these extra ordinary items, every ship can have all items, that are normally allowed on the given ship type (HV,SV or CV items).
Please place at total maximum 22 Weapons, because over this limit the weapons won’t work reliably.

:trophy: HWS Patron Discount

If you are HWS Patron you get 1%, 3%, 5%, 7% or 30% discount depending on your Patron level on top of your Origin discount.

Price Settlement 2019 - HWS 10

In this list you can find the new and consistent prices for the different garage ship components.
All ship prices will be calculated this year according to this system.

Price Component
for free Medic Stations
for free Medical Stations Type 1-4
for free Showers
for free Fridges
for free Food Processors
for free Repair Stations
for free ATMs
for free Sentry Guns
for free Detectors
for free CV/BA Small Constructors on SV/HV
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
5m cr Alien Core (NPC Core)
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
1m cr per Weapon from other ship type (Hint: The automatic of turrets don’t work on SV)
1m cr per overlimit Weapon (Only allowed on Fighters. Max. +2 overlimit Weapons per weapon type allowed.)
1m cr CV Thrusters (on SV/HV)
1m cr T2 RCS (on SV/HV) (stay performant: max. ~10 allowed)
250k cr per Harvester Module (on SV/CV.)
1m cr per overlimit Drill (max. 10 overlimit allowed) Limits: HV:10, SV:0, CV:10; max. drills possible with overlimit drills: HV:20, SV:10, CV:20 - That’s the absolute maximum, even if you use both CV and HV Drills mixed.
1m cr per Large or Advanced Constructor (on SV/HV)
1m cr per Furnace
1m cr per Deconstructor
1m cr * Size Class (SC) Combat Steel Blocks L and/or Xeno Steel Blocks (on SV/HV)
1m cr * Size Class (SC) (Armored) Concrete (Only allowed on HV Tanks.)
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
500k cr Growing Plots + Plants (on HV/SV)
500k cr Repair Bay and Console (on HV/SV)
500k cr per Drill Turret from other ship type
500k cr per Multiturret from other ship type
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
not allowed BA Turrets on SV/HV/CV
not allowed Different Shield Generator on different Ships (e.g. CV Shield on SV)

After the calculation each total amount will be rounded down to millions.

Check out the weapon limits here

We have made this list to the best of our knowledge and belief. Nevertheless, we do not guarantee completeness or accuracy.