Admin eaves dropping faction chat and harrassing a member

Ok here is what happened, an old member of Rat rejoins us (Wortch). Now out of all our members Wortch has always been the one who plays strictly by the rules. So he of course starts on a starter planet and Erowid I believe, tells him that he has to leave the planet and that he is breaking rules. Wortch tries to tell him that he just started playing the game again and Erowid tells him he is lying and to get off planet. Wortch says he would comply and wanted to know how long he had till he had to leave. Erowid would not answer him. He then eaves dropped on conversations between Raven and Wortch and then would put threatning messages in the server chat.

We are looking for an apology from Erowid and for him to be fair. I know we have attacked his faction in the past and he might have a grudge against us, but we have grudges against no one . Sure we like to attacks SWP,LHI ,HBH and 5AT but its all in the fun of the game.

I was in the server during this event and in my opinion Errowid or however you spell it (sorry if I botched it, new here) didn’t threaten anyone. He simply stated that if Wortch did not leave the starter planet there would be problems as HWS is now enforcing rule 2.2. That’s not a threat he’s an admin enforcing the rules. He was also not eaves dropping on anyone… the entire time Raven was getting an attitude with him and talking to him, asking questions etc.

However I do not know if Wortch is new or not you said he’s a returning player and Errowid is a brand new admin, He was simply doing what he thought was right there is WAY to many people abusing the 2.2 rule that is now thankfully being enforced. I believe that he is new and that Errowid could possibly be in the wrong for making him leave but there is no proof and according to what Errowid said “With the stuff in you’re inventory and the hours on our server you do not seem to be new… especially with the help of your faction members”. He simply asked him to leave and Raven cocked up an attitude with him… All you guys had to do is go to orbit and take the matter to Rex. Also note, Errowid told him to leave now meaning gather your shit and get off the starter planet… he didn’t ignore anyone.

Knock of the petty drama, There is way too much on the server as is… let the Admins and the Owners work on the server, making it better and smoother experience rather than them having to deal with petty childish drama 24/7.

Aye , Think the admins have been really lax about people returning to starter planets , You just happen to be the example :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me start by saying that I always do try to stay fair in almost all cases. The information I was reading (Which was not wrong, by the way) does not distinguish between some information such as when you start playing after having stopped for a time. I can see through another panel, that you did indeed start this past Monday the 7th, I believe. So for seeing you on a planet with a faction tag surrounded by Auto-Miners, to me, looked to be a breach of Rule 2.2, I do apologize. It is not my intent to “Harass” anyone, no… but to execute my duties as a server admin is all. RexXxuS has identified it as a problem and has expressed that he intends to see Rule 2.2 enforced.
So again, I apologize to Wortch because I do feel like the situation was a fault of my own and not theirs.

I can assure you, the one time I had a ship destroyed, I looked at it as a learning curve. I never got attacked again after that. That was due to me having learned where to go, exit techniques and at what times. I do not hold any grudges against anyone though and don’t want anyone to think that is involved in any way because it really has no place at all.

Just thought I’d add: On the box, I see chat as a whole. There is no “Faction” chat, so to speak on the tool. I just see the chat for what it is. If that appears to be eaves-dropping, it really isn’t and I’m sorry you perceive it to be this way.

Thanks for reading!

Yeah, thanks for coming to my aid last night when we were shooting at DSH :stuck_out_tongue:

Well thanx for responding Errowid and I appreciate your service as an admin. The reason for my post is Wortch is an important member of our faction and he was mad about it and had decided not to play on this server. So I will relay the apology and I thank you for your prompt response.

Now to Powell. This thread is directed at Errowid and simply asking for an apology for a case of mistaken one of our returning members as being on a starter planet when he was in fact just starting out on this server. His inventory is what is from actually working and mining without an autominer. As for Raven being rude or anything of the sort I do not know but lets just close this thread and it needs to go no further. Thanx for your input.

We will see you guys in space and beyond !!!

Like I said in my post I believed Wortch was a new payer and Errowid was most likely in the wrong, All is good.

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