AdminHelper V01.31.1 Full being flagged as trojan

The EmpAdminHelper.exe from EAH v01.31.1 Full is being flagged by several AV as having a trojan.

It was immediately quarantined on my system when trying to unpack, I am running Avira.

While I know there can be false positives sometimes since this didn’t happen in EmpAdminHelper V01.30.0 Full I am naturally cautious, especially since I have to upload it to a server.

I downloaded EAH directly from the Google Downloads Link.

See this image showing detection.


thanks for the info and sorry for the trouble. It always depends on the build, that why one was not flagged, the other was.
The problem is that I use a code protection (anti tamper, etc) that also causes some anti virus programms to warn you, since they see and think that someone hides his code. Which I obviously would like to do :(.

For example see this post: the last post. Confuser is one of those protection programs for developers. Its just from time to time when I protect it that its flagged by AntiVirus Programms. Sadly there is not much more to get around it. I’m still new in the Code-Protection Area. Sorry for that.

We had this before too:



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Thanks for the info Jascha, just wanted to be safe.