Alert on putting CV Auxillary Cores in OCD for RE 1.7

I have been running RE 1.7 test in single player.

*** CV Aux Cores do not exist in RE 1.7 ***

So, we can’t simply put them in OCD for protection from wipe because of the change.

The new item is “Auxillary Core Construction Kit”
It’s a multi-select item now - aux CPU core, aux Power core , aux Shield core.
When you ‘Retrieve Block’ on any one of the 3, it reverts back to a “Kit”.

Rexxus, we would need to know if we (the players) need to deconstruct our CV aux cores (and put drone parts in OCD) or if you have a plan for these.

@Jascha can we do an item conversion for those blocks?

Sure, just let me know the exact names/ids to convert

large auxiliary cpu ( 2237 )

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Are there any more blocks that needs converting @statz747 @paradine

unknown at this time may need to look at the small aux core numbers they may be off also

I have not noticed any other changed blocks during my playthrough.

What do you mean with numbers? Looks the same for me.

It’s all good I just wasent sure on its number off hand with out actualy being at my desk