Alien asylum re-playability & cooldown

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I wanted to ask if there is anything that can be done on the cooldown and re-usability of the alien asylum mission. And some other missions too.

Cooldown > Lower (more cycles per day)
Re-usability > Lower (more time before a player can do a mission again)

At this moment the community is large and it seems to be that only luck determines your ability to play the mission (while the reward is very desirable).

I don’t know if this is possible but the re-playability per day/week/month/season should be lowered to allow others to also get a chance to play the missions. They are fun but in the current structure not accessible for many players.


i know missions are rough to setup and configure for rex. i would love to have other players join in some of them without having to hop in and out of factions. i agree the “first come, first takes the mission” is not desirable. perhaps missions could be setup like the chatbot events of the past (DM, BR, ect.)

Especially if they are so rough to setup, I would imagine you want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy them. Once a week accessible would be more than enough for the top tier missions imho.


That is very true for many things.
And true as well, that I’m bound to big limitations.

With HWS 12 I started to use a “player based cooldown” approach.

The Hack Mission for example:
Very high personal duration (24hours) but low global cooldown of 15 minutes.
That means that for the player who entered, it turns out to be a “24hour” cooldown (cause the mission can be done in few minutes).
But other players can play it after 15 minutes again.

This was great, until exploits were being abused by many…
As result, Eleon limited the Mission a player can play at the same time to 3.

My personal duration cooldown idea might now backfire.

Anyways, Alien Asylum gives a lot of good loot and to balance the cooldown based on difficulty as well as on loot is very hard.
HWS 12 was basically a hand over gift for free. The 8-1 hours now are maybe too high.
Have to adjust it in the next season.
Because cooldowns are stored in the .ply player file.
Hence it would require a full wipe.

TL;DR: it would help if you, the player who play all missions and enjoy them, would come up with a list, sharing your cooldowns you think make more sense.

thanks for the reply. Ill definitely see if I can get a poll / conversation going on cool downs.

Looking at what you said:

  • max concurrent missions 3

Combined with:

  • Alien asylum seems to be the apex mission (in terms of loot fo sho, dat core)

So maybe there it can even just have a personal duration of 96 hours or so meaning it eats a concurrency slot but that’s the price you pay.

Great i would love suggest a list of cooldowns @RexXxuS

so the first thing that comes to mind is scrap general cooldown (except the bit that is needed for the server to reset it, so duration + x min) and only have personal cooldown. this would result in

high end players being able to run 2 high end missions every 3 days or so and have one token they have to use smart maybe play a few mission with one or 2 hour cooldowns or play 1 medium mission eatch day (2 if its a no-lifer) this would also “force” them to consider other mission if they like playing missions not just loot

low end players could just run between 3 mission giving other players time to play while they do a other mission.

mid tier player might be forced to take a short break after playing 3 mission in a row

but better to start with a few questions:

So here go’s nothing:

  1. do you have a list with all missions preferably with duration + cooldowns (if i would miss one mission in the list it might give problems down the line)
  2. how much time would the server need after a mission is empty to reset it(Minimum cooldown)
  3. Are we oke with 3 token for missions. The higher reward mission you play the longer your personal cooldown (this could result in a player having only 1 to 2 tokens left for multible days)
  4. can we influence this personal cooldown make it longer or shorter when …
    a) reached checkpoint (longer)
    b)Times completed (longer)
    c) compleet mission x (shorter for mission y)
    d) have a … token (shorter for mission … one time use)
  5. Do we like some missions being only for a lucky few coz other players locked them out

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i have been thinking of several ways to adjust mission loot drops and cool downs. there have been many thoughts on how to evenly spread out the main loot prizes. i think i have come up with a few suggestions on how to combat some of the barriers we face.

  1. med station at starting point for every mission. should have all 5 stations, shower, toilet, o2, armor locker, and repair would argue that they should also have a personal locker loaded with a recommend load out.

  2. common and rare loot drops are decent as they are aside from the sheer amount of unstackables. the epic loot boxes (massive gold, epic armor, NPC core, ect) could be given by NPCs instead of a coded loot box. codes can be required for the NPCs with like in the elemental hacking mission. this could also allow for more complex and randomization of codes.

  3. the sentry turrets. they have been laughed at in many sessions past. they have come back with a fury of payback this season. i love that they shoot burning lasers now but think they are a bit too fast in firing. also wish they could have a few less hit points. one shot with sniper was very nice. perhaps 2 shot would be a good test.

  4. almost forgot. take away the portal cool down entirely so we can run the missions over and over for practice while we wait for a cool down at the NPCs that give epic rewards. this would also help spot bugs and assist in balancing missions all around.

2nd afterthought edit: there could be special loot tokens to be exchanged at a trader for specific items. could use the shady traders in ECC that buy the epic weapons. or even have traders inside missions that would require tokens collected from other missions.

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constant practice runs or having to go into a mission for a traders would still have a lucky few locking down the mission. NPC’s giving out the special loot might dis-insensitive people playing the missing too often. but why take the risk if you can also lock players out.

the idea of loot tokens and special trader outside of the mission might work and would REDUCE the need for cooldown not eliminate it. High end mission would still give more tokes and thus would give players a reason to lock it down. but a few hours personal cooldown would be enough to stop this. this give the added bonus that high tier rewards could be gotten by running alot of low tier missing. the question is would this result in “all” low tier missions being locked down by larger factions, that would pool there reward tokens for high end reward. again this could be reduced if the loot tokens could be personal so you can not pool them.

plenty of diamonds idea’s but it al still needs a lot of polishing to get rid of the sharp edges.
always look at a idea and ask how will this be abused, coz if you can find only one way be sure there are players that will.

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I was suggesting we remove the cool down lockout entirely. This way multiple players/factions can run missions together and each would be guaranteed their epic loot via tokens. With zero cooldown restrictions, we can practice run them several times but only get common/rare loot containers. The NPC epic loot givers would have a cool down timer just like the alien core in asylum. Be it token at the end or actually give u the loot at the end, would assist in cutting down on exploitation of rewards and give oppertunity for many missions runs. I personally run the missions because I enjoy them. All loot is given to anyone who runs them with me.

good point, leave the question how to handle resets. mob spawners are not infinite and turrets are destroyed. risking a cakewalk for a lot of players. hands the suggestion to have duration + server time needed to reset, This would also increase the max number of groups being able to play from 3 to 16ish so there is still reason for a multi day lockout but might be able to bring arkem down to 3 day especially if the “epic loot” is stil restricted to once a week (or 6 days)

without a lockout you also risk other players coming in to your run Just to troll you.
or dashing past you to steal your “normal loot”
i do agree it would be nice to have “ally’s” in your missions but “Random” players walking in and out might not be what we are looking for

i understand the wish to play a lot of high end missions to train till you have it down to a science. but i feel like have to choose how to use your 3 points might also be a good game Meta.

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I have also been thinking on this. Troll prevention should not be a concern but we have no choice because, humans.
Perhaps an “instance cool down” would help. Once someone starts a misison, you have X min to enter or it will open a new instance. Would force players to be well prepared and gather at the gate before starting missions.

i think there is no “instance” the missions are on plannets in a other galaxy and as far as i understand a portal can only connect to one other portal.

it might be possible to run it like a theater show start between xx:00 and xx:15 ends at xx:55
but this would not stop trolls or having leaches afk til xx:45 having a other group clear it and then having a cake walk.

loads of pitfalls to consider, love the brainstorming session so far :slight_smile:

currently it does create multiple instances of missions after a cool down timer. press M and look at the name of the map on next run to see this. there ate 2 cool downs. mission instance cool down and individual player replay cool down. a but confusing yes.

i thought that is as follow and are the 3 “tokens” i am talking about.

mission instance cooldown: is how long until the instance resets.
individual player replay cooldown: is how long until player can replay the mission.

you can only have 3 individual player cooldowns if all 3 are cooling down you can not enter a new mission.

still leaves us with only one instance of “Asylum” and one instance of “Climb the Tower”
if we could run it like a “real instance” and multi layer it we would not have a problem and groups could run there own instance at the same time. (would be great if this was ever added to emyrion for multi player)

if i am wrong please correct me @Bob @RexXxuS