Alien Core Disappeared while in base

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What happened: Lost Alien Core
Player(s) with issue: Avatar
Server: MA
Time (cb:time): Approx 19:45 est
Playfield: Satiuron
Structure Name(s): Av’s Place
Structure ID(s): 356889
How can we help you now: Core returned. putting a core into a base… said I got it and then it disappeared.


can you explain a little bit please?


Sure, I put the core in my base. Re-claimed the base and I got the message the ship was mine again. I started to lay block around it. I hit “p” to get something out of cargo box and it said no core was present.

Can laying blocks around make the core make it disappear?

Not sure what else to add

hm thanks.

indeed very strange. A Game bug :frowning:


I put a new core in your inventory


I had an additional question, I purchased the new raider the other day, is it only suppose to run 80 m/s in space?


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