Alien Core lost during recycle

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I recycled my CV and did not receive my alien core back.
Player(s) with issue: SACR1LEG1OUS
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Server DCed and do not have the time but around 1800
Playfield: Stella
Structure Name(s): Tool Time
Structure ID(s): 3746539
How can we help you now: Provide a new Alien Core

WARNING 3: if you dismantle an Alien Core it will be put as parts in your inventory. You CAN’T get the Alien Core back out of your structure unless you have EGS Recycle level 5 and recycle your structures!

you need the relevant ocd and recycle level…

I have Recycle 5 and OCD 6.

The structure id will be in structure commander - you may have to enable ‘show deleted items’ in your profile.

Only times this issue has happened to me is when the recycle - reclaimed devices window is full.

What I do now just to be sure is multi-tool a few of the single item devices like med chamber, repair block, fridge to ensure theres enough space in the window.

I forgot I can show deleted items. Post has been updated with structure ID.

Sorry but this has nothing to do with your disconnect (3 minutes after you got your items) nor with OCD (the Alien Core was in the Exchange window).

You recycled your structure at 18:31, got your items in your backpack and disconnected 3 minutes later

The logs also show that you took all Items out of that Exchange window.

I don’t want to accuse you of fooling us, but in this case I can’t give you back your alien core since it does not sound right.
Did you maybe drop it on the ground or empty it with the other items in a cargo box nearby?

I will take the advise of my friend and say thank you before I say something I may regret. Not worth it for 5 mil credits.

Sorry, i did not mean to offend you. Just stated how it looks from the side of the logs.
If I could see any hint of a problem I would return it. But sadly I can’t see anything :frowning:

Server delay perhaps Jascha? Maybe he DC’d a min or 2 before it shows in the logs?

Last season a player would log out and his char would remain visible in-game for some time after.

I also thought about that, but he got most of the other items at least a minute later in his inventory. So he had no internal disconnect yet.

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