Alien core not in OCD after recycling ship

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Recycled a ship for my father and did not get the alien core
Player(s) with issue: Speed
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 3:00 server
Playfield: ECC
Structure Name(s): Grizzly’s
Structure ID(s): 14911041
How can we help you now: Put alien core in OCD please

Maybe after tomorrow, server restarting and all :slight_smile:

I am assuming you have ocd 6 and the recycle level 5 I believe it is?

OCD 5 and max recycle, yes

EGS Level 5

upgrade cost 25 000 000 credits and 250 RP

gives blocks and devices back

the % you get back of both is 90%

it cost 10 credits per block and device

you can use it globally

make sure to have OCD level 5 to get the Alien Core transferred to there

Sorry, but your OCD was full.
You should have emptied it before instead of filling it up

I had over 20 spaces open And I had used >EGS:recycle: < so it would put as many components as possible in my inventory to make room. How many slots do I have to have open? over 100? Because with inventory instantly filled and over 20 slots in OCD ready, I don’t see how I did anything wrong.

You had 0 free. They where all filled and you took them out one after another afterwards, so you obviously saw that it was full.

No time to go deeper here, sorry.


Seriously, everyone else gets their AC when they put in a support ticket. This is our very first one and we bought the ship the same day just for the core.

It was filled by recycling, And I emptied the useless crap it put in like weird triangles.

Its your choice what to do. But dont say it was because of something that it was not.

I was watching his screen, he emptied 20 slots before recycling then sorted. It even shows that in your log.

If you look close at your post here, it shows that AFTER the Recycleing. I have in slot 100-80 1-4 item in each slot. They are decoration crap and consoles and stuff FROM the ship. Not BEFORE it. In fact, Look at my inventory at the time of recycle, and see all the useless crap it gave me.

Sorry, but we cant invest more time in all the AC situations (so close to the wipe). 99% where no bugs. We canceled also all other requests about it.

Your OCD was full, the logs show you also very clearly what happen when, so there is no question or place for debates here. The alien core came somewhere at the end, so your OCD was filled up to 100 with items and no more space for the rest (including the alien core).
Only question would be if Alien cores could be put on a higher priority in the future, but its just another structure block for now.

For the next season more logs will be shown, also to prevent exploiting with support tickets (not talking about your case).

I considered giving you the AC anyhow, but I don’t like the tone here. So sorry, but nothing to be done here.

Because I don’t like the tone either here.



Have been not verified


Some cases like yours were clear though.
Too much going on “blind” we can’t verify yet. Next season we know for sure.