Alien Core not returned by recycling



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Was recycling all of our alien cored ships today and didn’t receive the Alien Core for one ship in the delivery window. I thought it went straight to OCD but I was mistaken, I’m coming up one short. I did receive the cores for all other ships recycled though.

What happened: Recycled alien cored CV, core was not among the items in the delivery window after recycling and also not added to OCD.
Player(s) with issue: SirKnumskull
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): between 18:00 and 19:00
Playfield: Triton
Structure Name(s): Archon
Structure ID(s): 41769969
How can we help you now: Please add the missing alien core to my OCD.


Can’t be found in a recycle process. Only CSW here and there.


Then it should be this ID (I hope): 43473372

(ship is four times in structure commander, I do not know which one was the last ID).


Yep, this looks like the right one.
But it had no Alien Core in it. Hence no Alien Core recycled.

Funny name btw…


Ok, that was the wrong one again. That is a completely different ship.

This would be the next ID (fingers crossed!): 43430339

As I said, tons of Archons there, sorry!



So after ~30 minutes I’m not sure yet…

We had a backup at 17:14 where you had 7 Alien Cores.
Then you recycled 5 alien ships until now. And now you have 13 in your OCD…

Something is strange or I am just too tired / stressed for the full wipe.
Will ask @Jascha tomorrow if he is back.

Ping us when it’s not resolved before Friday again.


The problem with that is that I recycled 6 alien cored ships:

Archon (my CV)
Twofish (my brother’s CV)
Knum’s Flying Iron (Maur)
Digger (X-7B)
Alder (X-7B)
V-Ding (V-Wing)


Ah well, then it’s solved. 6+7=13 :+1:


It isn’t because I received one core from Smudgybear from my faction aswell.

Alien core not in OCD after recycling ship

Dunno where this comes from now but it doesn’t matter. Smudgybear logged off 2 hours before you started your recycle run.
Overall I just can’t see an obvious loss from our logs and you are right about your six ships.
Next time please proof with “before” “after” screenshots. At least until we have a better log output implemented in the next step.

We just can’t refund things based on “blind” facts especially for so important items.


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