Alien core not returned on recycle

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Recycled a ship with an alien core, the core was not returned and the window with devices was full.
Player(s) with issue: TheState
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Roughly 0500
Playfield: Stella Morti
Structure Name(s): Dorito
Structure ID(s): 24563507
How can we help you now: Replace alien core, please

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just to make sure mate, the alien core you only get back if only you have the following (ocd 5 and recycle 5), let us know :wink:

He has OCD 6 and recycle 5, he was recycling a ship for me. Apparently if there are too many devices the window for return fills up and alien core gets cut off.

That was fixed yesterday. Even if the window is full now it goes straight to your OCD.

Before 4:56 you had 3 Alien Cores in your OCD.
At 5:07 you pulled out one Alien Core out (you had 4 then) of your OCD for whatever reason.


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