Alien Core not returned with OCD 5

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What happened: Alien core disappeared
Player(s) with issue: Spacedooode
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 10:44pm
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): CV
Structure ID(s): Deleted
How can we help you now: Bought an alien core. dropped it into my CV. Recycled my cv with OCD 5. Alien core didnt return. Wondering if i could get it back as I bought the OCD lvl 5 to get it back.

You have to have enough space in your OCD for that. But your OCD is full. Maybe also because so many Items were recycled.
I put the Alien core for now into your Backpack.

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Did you have recycle 5?

I didnt think the Alien Core got recovered before Recycle 5

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