Alien cored my base and it is not returning ownership

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What happened: alien cored my base and it is not returning ownership
Player(s) with issue: Quick
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 3:47 pm est
Playfield: Draconis
Structure Name(s): ASG SP FOBV2
Structure ID(s): 31058963
How can we help you now: return ownership of the base?

What Alien do you mean?
Did you put a Alien core in?

If so always wait 4-5 minutes before you add the core after you created the base. Otherwise the tool does not know the owner.

I set it to your ownership again.

thank you so much bud i had didint know i needed to wait

I know… I also just read the description ;). We will change that

@Jascha when i readed the manual about aliencore placing it says in one place to wait 2 min then on other place to wait 5 min.

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Yeah 2 min is the minimum. But 5 is safe.

Can you post the links here where you found the infos. Not that we miss one.

Alien Core at the orange text it says 5 min minimum and at the normal it says 2 min minimum.

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For me it says 5 everywhere ;).
Just kidding, thanks I changed it.

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