Alien Core

On HWS you have the possibility to get an Alien Core as a super HighTech Alien Technology® item.

Either from PDA missions, rewards, buying HWS Garage ships and recycling them, or with a Support.

However, with great power comes great responsibility:

WARNING 1: BEFORE you replace your core, make sure the structure exists already longer than 5 minutes. If not, wait until you see it also on HWS Connect. Then you can remove the old core and enter the new Alien core!

WARNING 2: As soon as you drop the Alien Core in your structure, it is set to “No Faction”, your structures will probably shoot at it (even in PVE), and you can’t access it anymore. Make sure to prepare yourself for it! You may have to wait at least 5 minutes before you can switch it back to you again!

WARNING 3: if you dismantle an Alien Core it will become parts in your inventory. You CAN’T get the Alien Core back out of your structure unless you have EGS Recycle level 5 and recycle your structures!

The best procedure is as follows:

  1. You get the Alien Core
  2. You want to get the ID of that structure BEFORE placing / replacing the core. Also make sure this structure is not new created. Otherwise wait at least 5 minutes before you proceed.
    2.1 Either by checking HWS Connect > Structure Commander
    2.2 Open your registry, select the structure you want to place the core in and click on statistics. The ID is at the bottom left visible
    2.3 Type “di” in your game console, look at your structure and see top center the ID
  3. If no server restart is near and no other structures are near, you can replace your old Core with the Alien Core
  4. You can’t access your structure anymore since it’s set to “No Faction”.
  5. Now press TAB and go to the Control Panel

  1. Change the “No Faction” to you (Private) again.

  2. Remember it is a super HighTech Alien Technology® and be careful in using this feature!

Alien Core Advantages

  • Can be stored in your OCD
  • It has more hitpoints and CPU than a normal core
  • No fuel consumption
  • No O2 / Oxygen consumption
  • Very light weight
  • Very valuable item to trade
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