Alien POI Base Suffers from Massive Earthquake

I just wanted to let the admins know that the pyramid POI structures lack the structural integrity to successfully complete them. Upon destroying spawn pads throughout the alien compound, you can hear the base structural starting to creek and crumbling. You can tread lightly, but even a flick of the light switch will send this base through the ground. When a base and/or its structures collapse, any cargo (loot) in those containers do not fall out as a loot suitcase. Hopefully this feedback helps fix these POIs so we can enjoy them once again.

P.S. Why do we only have this one POI now? Where did all the other POIs go?

Try updating or use a different picture sharing service or just turn them to jpg 8/12 quality in photoshop.

yes, please do not use photobucket on our forums anymore.

some of the SI was intentional to have a cool feeling of destroying the alien turret towers. but if it’s breaking some cargos I will check / fix again.

Some are dedicated to some planets now. In total POIs were not really removed, just repositioned in a better (but still not final) place.

IDK which of these links to copy and paste in here so you can see them. I’ve just made an imgur thing.