Alien Tower Fortress

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Player(s) with issue: Rednex
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 02/03/2018 night
Playfield: Vulc City Planet
Structure Name(s): Alien Tower Fortress (coordinates -2204 -776)

I with my faction mate tried to besiege this NPC fortress.

There are a lot of turrets for every wall’s side, about 12 on each.

When turret dies it make a boom and some wall blocks (weapon steel B) become broken and this way we can make holes in the walls.

So afer some hours we destroy all turrets and try to get reward.

We try plasma gun, rocket launchers, ship’s guns & rockets from SV for destoy blocks that hidden the reward (purple containers). Zero result.

Containers are behind strong glass with blinds, and the blocks are indestructible from all weapons that are available to the character.

No levers were also found.

How to do to destroy this shit in this evil building? It looks impossible.

We just lost 7 hours of our time. >_<

Thanks for letting me know.
This is a mistake by design.
I will fix it.

I reset your survival package as compromise.

Survival package will be reseted this night… but thank you, anyway.

Also please take a look at POI at the same planet: Defence II and pyramid near. There are 2 same POIs at Vulc City. Both of them have problems - Defence II is weak and not a problem, but pyramids are undestructible too, and their doors are closed and impossible to open this POI too.

And another one thing - this planet is very hard to survive, it is extreme, but loot from another POI at Vulc City (and Magma) very poor. Even more poor than a loot from Dron Bases from Starter planets.
This is an incompatible combination of difficulty and the worst loot.
Please, fix it, and maybe this planets would be more interesting for researching.
And please let player know (via news e.g.) when you fix it…


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