Alienship mission is a BUST

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What happened: Cloning chamber is located in bed with 3 shotgun Zirax. Poorly planned instance. Not a lot of loot.
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How can we help you now: I lost a plasma cannon and bullets for that. 10 med packs. nothing special. I’m not worried about it. I just feel bad for the newb trying out this server and losing trust in the instance dynamic. I felt similarly with the alien city mission and finding it not really complete-able as a 1 man band, spawning over and over again in the woods. Doesn’t seem hard to construct a “safe-zone”. I do however love the alien wave mission, mole race mission, and even prison outbreak mission. All very fun.

Thanks for the feedback @MazerRakham

Creating such instances takes a lot of time and some are already on my todo-update list.
I try to push the Alien ship on the top for tomorrow.

The loot, given the time and regeneration isn’t that bad though.
And some missions MUST be done in a group.

Just a moment ago — 3 of us attempted this mission. Same experience. We all got trapped in spawn/die cycle with zirax at med bay.

1 was even standing in the bay.

Did not end well.

Swiss, Pok & Budhas-hand

17 deaths for Swiss

Fixed / reworked it today

THANK YOU Can’t wait to try it out!

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