All credits gone and 1mill in debt - Overnight

Just as the title says i had 100k+ credits in the bank last night and 24k on me, i logged on today to have 0 credits in the bank and 1,007,864mill credits in debt.

There are 6 members in our faction IEH, no other member has been affected or had any extra credits taken.
After speaking to Server Admin last night , here are the screenshots of my bank and taxes.
Could this be looked in to please.
DeadElviS - Playing on EU server

24 hours and not one reply, can anyone from HWS please assist me with this issue?

Hey @DeadElviS
sorry, Jascha is on a trip and for me it looks like a bug after checking the logs. Really can’t say much.
Did you / your faction have any public stuff?
Switched it for now

Thank you for the reply rex, I/we had nothing set to public, everything was set to IEH.

Last week my core was hacked by another player and everything in my base taken, I posted in the HWS Police section and the player was punished accordingly and Achilles refunded me some materials/ores - HWS Police - not running currently

However there is a water generator outside my base that displays as ‘Wrong core or faction’ which i suspect could be glitched as ‘his’ so would this cause the problem, I left it as i wasn’t really bothered as I simply made another.

these generators should not affect anything.
Will keep an eye on it in the future.