All in one spreadsheet

STILL bored :slight_smile: This spread sheet now contains a price list for every constructible item in the game, an offline OCD reference, triangle count for CV blocks, thruster efficiency ratings, HWS commands, single-player commands, useful links, and the beginning of DPS for all weapons.
All in one spreadsheet

#triangles #prices #commands #thrusters #DPS #links #noobs #push6.0


Thanks for at least making them do their own market research… :wink: Most of us hardcore traders have similar sheets going as well. This is great work - gone above to hit the stuff that i never bothered with.

now hopefully people dont see this and expect everything to cost 1cr per ingot lol.

Bumped for Update

1cr Per Ingot for all items. Got it. Trade prices set.

re-bumped for update