All you hoarders

10x more PVP on EU compared to NA. Let’s change that people. Stop hoarding and go out, have fun… Kill people… Get killed. It’s a game, you are suppose to have fun. They can’t rob your OCD… Stop hoarding people! :heart:

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While I agree that people need to focus more on PVP, I think you may be missing the limitations that many others face. I, personally, only play with one other person in my faction (an RL friend). I could go join a random faction or a larger one and be better off in the long run, but that’s not my bag. I only have OCD 3, so even if it we’re full I couldn’t afford to lose my ship(s) by just getting murked by people who’s ships have been through 5000 PVP fights and honed in. I don;t have 100% faith in my ship’s ability to PVP successfully, and don;t have the resources (or time to re-up the necessary resources) to keep spawning them when I inevitably get worked by you or someone else with teammates and near-perfect PVP ships (not to mention, someone with enough resources to not worry about losing one, two, or more of them just through PVP). I want to, and am working to get to a point where I can build ships solely for PVP, but right now I just need to get my OCD and AMs to a high enough level that we can even bother with PVP.

With 2 people in a faction. it is time-consuming and difficult to get to that point. I’ll get there, but I focus more on being able to run away from people right now than I do fighting them, and (with no evidence) I’m guessing more people on the NA side are in that same boat than there are on the EU side. A few days ago, my friend and I were just rolling around checking out the Origin planets and had literally everything we had farmed taken from us by 2 PVP ships that were CLEARLY superior. This is a game of very harsh lessons…

Not a complaint, just a reality that we have to prepare for more diligently than you probably do, since you have top level OCDs chock full of anything you’d need to pump out combat-ready CV’s with near impunity. I need to go around CAREFULLY getting gold so I can afford these things. If my CV is destroyed, I MAY have one backup ready to go, but that’s it. If that get’s destroyed, it’s back to starter with, more or less, nothing.

One of these days, though…


I second Whataboutsmee’s reasons for some of the lack of PvP. There are a handful of players on NA that make some amazing PvP designs. The rest of us need to catch up on resources just to test a design that probably won’t do well.
We need us a shipwright on NA. Someone to sell us a battle proven design we can build on.
If I thought my CV would stand half a chance, you bet I would be out there trying to get me some of Colin’s loot.

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@mcprouty @Mattcore37k and @hopskotch as well as others have suggested me open up a building school or a CV shop… It would be a lot of work and I’d need others to work with. I don’t like doing stuff alone, unless it’s PVP. :smirk:


I know some of us have lives and JOBS too.

I haven’t been able to play hardly at all of late due to a recent promotion. It’s killing me that all I really have time for is a little PVE and some occasional chatter.

Gone are the nights of 12+ hours on-line looking for fights with 4 hours of sleep. I got a sweet new system just to play and now I have no time…


No comment.

I miss you Bro.

Appreciate you ruining my post :sweat_smile:

Hahaha! I seen what you did there. :yum:

Some of us have “lives and JOBS” :joy::joy::joy:

@colin2cold I’m not sure if this idea would really benefit both parties. But what about some instructional 1v1 sessions. Opponent pays a certain amount of cr to 1v1 and receive some tactical instruction while in the fight. You then let them limp their wreckage home for minimal loss to them.
I imagine this idea would be fairly costly though. Having to take in consideration your potential loss in loot and some thousands of CS blocks.

As I am typing this out, it sounds worse than it did in my head.


Obsey, congrats!! Yea I haven’t seen you in a while

Yea same feedback, for me (as Solo, sometimes one more person in clan), it’s harder to get resources. I managed well for Solo, but as you can imagine it’s harder. If I want to build a decent CV it takes a lot of resources, and the worse part is, given I’m new, I end up building wrong. Hell, once a POI blew up my HV in under 20 seconds and I waas thinking I build the ultimate HV haha.

Colin and Matt in fact helped me a tons by selling me some Metal Ores (you can’t believe how much it helps :slight_smile: ), but yea generally I am very very careful when I try to PVP, i don’t just go looking for it. I try to pick certain fights when I feel like I have an advantage (like I have a drop on them in an SV or similar).

but more generally speaking, Yes I agree I don’t see a ton of fighting happening unless it’s pre-setup 1v1s. Maybe what would help @colin2cold is if you guys start hosting certain events (or maybe admins can do it) where there’s certain rewards for winning fights, like special BPs, Credits, Ores etc. Just some though. Thanks again for the Ores :slight_smile:


It’s not a slap to your 40 word post with some emojis man. It just a fact.

The Average gamer is over 35 and plays 6.5 Hours per week playing with others online. This is right where I am at currently.

HWS in version 6 has actually gotten too large to quickly get into the fighting, have some fun, and log out. The universe should be smaller, the penalties less, the resources plenty, and the chance for PvP high.

I love the Moba planet Idea’s.

Personally I think all CV’s should be class 1 with like 5 guns UNLESS crewed. Two people on board nets you class 2 CV with more guns etc. with the cap at 7ish. 7 people crewing a behemoth in space vs. a bunch of class1’s. That’s a fight to see.

Oh, the gamer stats aren’t something I pulled out of my ass. They are industry research you can pull up with a BING search if you interested. I’m sure Rex has similar logs.

Do people even pvp anymore lol… When I log in I’m always looking to see if players are at war fighting… Seems like if I was still playing as a player then I’d be moaning about those ‘care bears’ hoarding everything and staying safe in their pve bases.

We need Alien invasions to sort them out… And lots of drones… Then pvp will be classed as the safest option



Best idea yet. :heart:

Sorry bud I am over HWS, I hate the POI’s, I hate the fire rain and meteors and I hate that most planets I can’t dig. I hate when we make suggestions we just get overruled and stomped on by the man. Our last battle was soooo horrible in lag granted we brought a crap load of firepower and probably caused most of the lag but it still just sucked. I am over on another server and the battles have been great and I can dig like the lil tunnel rat that I am :slight_smile:


i went out of the starter zone to origin planet … landed safely cause no one was in orbit that is pvp, sat there 2 days cause i had a lot of prom and needed to make hydro then i went in space and went to mine a little bit of pentaxid from the asteroids and i got my ship killed in 5 seconds by a ship that seemed less armored than mine because somehow my rcs, generator, and core were obliterated but without much damage to the 10 layers front, 5 down, 5 up, 5 left and right side … we were fighting head on, i also had tons of ammo and all the guns on the front but they didnt do much cause i lost the ability to fire them with the gen, core and rcs’s gone … i had come to the conclusion that if i dont put all the stuff in a ventilated space its killed quick also when i fought the other cv there was a lot of lag for me
so i made a new cube … not very good with design and not really patient enough to make a ship like design … it takes a lot of hours to even make a cube like ship as is … i saw something that there is a program to make ships look like ships and hollow the inside but i havent tried that
it has everything in a ventilated area … under a lot of combat steel, almost 15k blocks , previously the one i made was 11k or so, i havent had the time to test it out thou … lost all the res, epics and stuff i had and the new one is 40k more iron to make … the other one was 100k
still its class 4 so i will have to make a new ship with the new class 3 ships but i am glad its class 3, maybe with this and the new changes it wont lag and ppl wont be able to make lag ships anymore hopefully

People can’t make lag ships now, just trust me. Back when size class 10 was allowed is when you had lag ships, build out of nothing but round connectors and round blocks. Size 4 is not causing you to lag, Get 5-6 ships fighting at once… You might lag some. If you are lagging in a 1v1 that is your computer. Promise you that much, you getting lag shot through all those “layers” of armor you had could have been from poor building skills or from poor piloting… You never know. The reason I know the ships aren’t causing the lag is because I played on crappy laptop for a while… Lagged a lot/DC’d a lot… Blamed the game because I was new. I get on new computer and I have almost to 0 lag in major CV fights… 7-8 size class 4 20k+ block ships all firing at once and not much lag… My old computer would have crashed just rendering the ships. See what I am getting at…? 1v1 in CV fight should be as smooth as ever.

@ZipSnipe those are all understandable reasons… I know how you like to drill! :joy::joy:

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I agree with the smaller universe as @Obsey mentioned above. Force people to have to fight for resources/gold. Not just get lucky and stumble upon someone after searching every planet on the map.

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