Alliance scan...Heh?

Hi everyone!

Alliance skill (or what): FA:Scan
Well…in the space i got message: Enemy found (or what)…
But! WHERE? well…scan 10k square kilometer, but this really huge.
I think this: Enemy found! not enough. or i missing something?
I think we need little more information for this.
I mean, show on the radar few sec, or location information, or i dunno.

Sorry for the bad english.

We can’t make interactive HUD stuff or so, we are no developers making things in the radar.
We could post the coordinates of the enemies but we can make it only global chat. We could post it in HWS Connect sure, but that would be a very intense bonus for Alliance.
You need consider that there can be 5-10 people in one Alliance faction. If all of them move coordinated they find the enemy easy.
But we will rework it maybe a bit later.

Maybe it can be changed to fa:cube?! once a week Alliance should be able to spawn a cube i think.

Anyway yes, we tried, not try hard it. Nothing found, already working on some ways but problem is what if there are more ships, it makes it soo much harder, you dont know where is the end of one scan and when other scan starts.
Tell name of faction after scan, maybe CV names, number of CVs, simply more info
Lower cooldown
fa:cube and i mean it

fa:cube?? whuut?

why not fa:nyancat?

Nah, we know… the scan was a first iteration. Will be enhanced / also over HWS Connect (till the chat is working like 2016 games have chat systems :smiley:)

Lol ok, ill have to build cube myslef. I noticed cube is evergreen :slight_smile: Thank you Rexx, im sure fa:scan will be awsome.

Not when i did typo fa:scam come into my mind. Not sure what it can do but sounds liek funny command. I wish you ahve more time for conversation like this one :slight_smile:

I kinda wanna join alliance faction just to see how this mechanic works.

You just have to drop marker SV to triangulate the position.

Eve online has a similar system, except you can tell it how far out to scan.

I felt a sleep yeasterday, woke up 250km away, changed quickly to alliance to take screen and scan and yes enemy detected. Pirates are everywhere :slight_smile:

I know you are busy, just telling that its realy not working and needs attention when you will have time.