Allowed to go afk for constructors?

I noticed that when nobody is online on a donator planet, the constructors in your house all stop working. Game is not smart enough to post-calculate their progress. They simply just stop working… AFK-king near them fixes this problem. And just randomly jumping around my house waiting for huge batches of fuel/penta/gold coins is just boooooooooring…

But last time I went afk I got punished. So how to solve this? Is there a server setting or something to continue progress for constructors (and autominers) for donator planets and other under-populated planets when it has no online players?

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This rule works on ALL worlds. So… There is nothing we can do… Only afk with some moves every 5-10 mins)))

We get punished for doing that in PVE worlds (invisible rule). And I’m not stupid enough to do it in a PVP orbit (unless it’s 500.000km away).

Penta is relatively fast to process, but the new fuel takes foreveeeeeeeever and gold takes like 15 minutes with several constructors. I could just go to the faction planet and spawn a huge horizontal plate with tons of constructors there just for processing stuff. There is always someone online on that planet. But then I have to warp forth and back just to avoid afk-ing. Not ideal :frowning: And those planets lag (not my FPs, it’s really lag, server responses are slow there).

e… What can I say… Than we ALL stupid, bc near 90% of server, hold its bases in deep deep deep PvP space… This taxes for BIG factions, ruin all chances to hold any structures on planet.

As for me, some times go to Pirate Planet, spawn “little” factory with 20+ Constructors, and craft for hole evening. This rule on “some one online on playfield”, make me cry.

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I said: (unless it’s 500.000km away).

Taxes are insanely high on faction planets. But donators do not have (barely) any taxes by using public structures. Sure in theory other players can steal your CV’s (won’t work for BA) and SV’s. But if you leave them unfueled, and park them inside a BA that is private, you can use this. Just gotta donate 170 euro to dodge taxes. Which is allowed (for now).

Perhaps we can consider this “balance”. Donators pay less taxes but in return gotta have 1 person on their planet doing… whatever… just so that the machines continue processing/mining.

Ya whenever a playfield is empty it unloads. This helps the server and the game. It also means your stuff wont use fuel. so thats nice. Try doing what I do and take a production facility and place it in a heavily travelled orbit (for example trader). It will remain loaded, and you can keep it empty until you are ready to use it. I use ocd to load an inventory’s worth of a particular ore, and process it en masse.

You didn’t read the memo:

As mcprouty said: it is a technically thing. Try to pick an active playfield for your hoard.
Regarding AFK scripts, exploits and the other thing I will come later on my todo list

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Sorry I missed the memo I will try to locate it now.

Found it. Ah okay the private/public is fixed then. Meaning, this was also an ‘exploit’ then… But they do not appear in my tax list.

We’ve had our donor planet for almost a months and i never even considered setting bases to public to avoid taxes.
It never occurred to me to try and avoid taxes. Kinda sux being honest and having a donor planet, since everyone just assumes you’re doing it to avoid taxes.

We had our massive CV on the planet for a week and we paid taxes for the CV and the construction(BA) i spawned to place it on.

My main reason for donating was to support the server, getting a private planet to chill on is an bonus to me.
the real reward is supporting the server and all the functions and services server owners and admins provide!