Alpha 10.5.1

Hello, the update in 10.5.1 is not done despite multiple attempts … (steam restart, verification files, etc …). So impossible to reach the server … If anyone to a solution. Thanks and good Sunday

remove from experimental?

Already done … but always the same …

delete and reinstall? Have you tried to remove the cache?

"I could not connect until I deleted the 1 folder within the Cache Folder.

The cache folder is within the SAVES folder.

Don’t delete the cache folder.

Delete the folder(s) inside of it."

I will try this …:wink:

Remove the cache: does not work

Reinstallation: the game is still in and does not pass in 10.5.1 … I do not understand

thanks anyway

So still impossible to access the server …

Good day

This was discussed in the Empyrion Discord already.
You have to set the branch back to NONE.

If you did that, go to local files and click verify.

Oh ok, so do not be in the experimental branch to pass in 10.5.1 … good to know, and thank you, I had not seen the document above … Nice day

My version is good in 10.5.1

As I understand it, nothing is going to go into an experimental version …

Which means that the classic version is higher than the experimental version, weird …



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