Alpha 10.5: Optimizations, Bug Fixes and other Improvements

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We are thrilled to release Alpha 10.5 to the public today! This update does not only contain a LOT of bug fixes but we also dedicated a lot of our time to some major (multiplayer) optimizations! The first pass of these changes should allow for a more fluid gameplay experience, especially in combat. We have implemented a few new methods on how data and events are handled and would like to have your feedback on how things...

Alpha 10.5: Optimizations, Bug Fixes and other Improvements

I decided to pop back in and see how it performs, and before leaving the space clone chamber I found that the rubber band disconnect bug is still alive and kicking.

Twice now.

:frowning: sorry to hear.
Disconnects (should) only happens via bad connection now.
Are you using VPN or have bad ping or bad ISP?

Nope, pings were good, Cox is a major ISP here and been good with me, and I don’t get any disconnects with anything else I play. I believe a couple others mentioned the same last night, not sure if anybody reported it though.