Alpha 11.5 Experimental - Refinements

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

The holiday season is coming closer, so does the final game update of the year - hotfixes aside ;)

That being said, Alpha 11.5 Experimental not only adds bugfixes, but also a few important changes and additions.


  • Small and Large Optronic Bridges/Matrix are now craftable
  • Loot Tables are now exported to the Config_Example.ecf
  • We have reactivated the new, reworked galaxy map
  • Multitool has now a downgrade option...

Alpha 11.5 Experimental - Refinements

So when can we expect HWS servers to be 11.5-based? Seems they were not earlier today.

Not until it leaves the Exp branch, same as always.

These seem good:

  • If active CPU Tier is lost, the efficiency will not drop instantly, but after 3mins
  • Sending alert message when CPU Extender ( CPU Tier) is lost

So you get a warning (will it be timely or subject to lag?) and time to run away before your ship grinds to a halt, nice.

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